A Look Inside Surface Area, Our Curated Showroom in the Miami Design District

A dandelion lamp by Studio Drift, ROOM's Wes Anderson–inspired phone booth, an oil lamp slash ashtray by the Seth Rogen–helmed cannabis brand Houseplant, and more.  

Can’t make it to our new shoppable showroom and art gallery in Miami? Thanks to our highly curated e-commerce platform, Design Dose, you can shop all of the hand-selected design objects, limited-edition products, and collectible furniture pieces wherever you are.  Here, we round up a few of our favorite new additions.

Nail Sculpture by BOND Hardware 

Simplicity takes a bold form in the Brooklyn jewelry purveyor’s hand-welded nail sculpture that adapts to each buyer’s space. With the ability to be fastened in endless permutations, this eye-catching wall artwork brings an industrial and salacious touch to every interior-scape. 

Art Mirror by Hannah Polskin Studio

In a world governed by social media, securing the perfect selfie moment is crucial. Thankfully Hannah Polskin, the master weaver of organic shapes, brings a neutral-toned mirror into the fold and imparts a chaotic yet calming aura that speaks to her intangible ability to fill space with good energy.

Dandelight by Studio Drift 

Known for blockbuster installations that explore the relationship between nature and technology in a rapidly changing world, Ralph Nauta and Lonneke Gordijn of the Dutch collective Studio Drift bring their musings to a smaller scale with Dandelight. Here, they illustrate their utopian vision by rendering two drastically opposite editions of the light—one with a power base, and one without.

Adri Chair by Slash Objects

A sculptural statement piece defined by a recycled rubber composite seat perched like a scroll between two sturdy marble slabs, the Adri Chair embodies founder Arielle Assouline-Lichten’s proclivity for pushing material boundaries. “It speaks to a new direction with how I’m treating the same materials differently and testing the limits of their strength,” Assouline-Lichten says of the chair, which debuted on the second season of Ellen’s Next Great Designer on HBO Max.

Phone Booth by ROOM

With its sleek, modular design crafted from 1,088 recycled plastic bottles, ROOM’s soundproof phone booth collection, Botanical, is an oasis of calm perfectly suited for modern open-plan work environments. Inspired by the Arts and Crafts Movement, the works of William Morris, Wes Anderson, and a personal trip to Ibiza, designers Alicia Perry and Rebecca Intavarant of Tuppence Collective outfitted the interiors with tropical-print walls in patterns of bamboo, banana, and palm.

Oil Lamp by Houseplant

Bold, brutalist, and beautiful, the Oil Lamp is a hybrid object that wins points for both form and function. Credit Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, the Houseplant co-founders and longtime friends, whose collaborations span films like Superbad and Pineapple Express, and now their budding, ahem, cannabis brand. “This Oil Lamp is for grown ass people who like to sit inside, relax, and smoke,” reads a co-authored note, which comes with every purchase and pays homage to the duo’s teenage days in the Pacific Northwest. What adorns that polished green slab is pretty fantastic, too: a small well for either paraffin oil or a tea candle (“depending on how fancy you feel”), built-in match holder and metal ashtray, ridged surface to light strike-anywhere matches on, and a sculptural borosilicate glass lamp. A truly mature way to chill.

Cleo Rug by Tsar Carpets

Drawing inspiration from rocky tide pools off the Australian coast, the rug purveyor crafts a scenic carpet that translates rugged seascapes, orange florals, and ocean-blue tones into a mural-like artwork. As the underbelly of any living space, Tsar Carpets ups the getaway ante by offering each buyer a wool-based portal into their home down under.

See the full collection of products, design objects and furniture on display at Surface Area here.

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