String tied, this edition of the gift guide rounds up the most impeccable cosmetics, elixirs, and perfumes on our radar right now. After searching far and wide, we asked our editors, designer friends, and fellow aficionados what’s sitting at the top of their skincare and wellness wishlists. What you’ll find below is an edit of rarities, outrageous objects, and other curiosities that can either step up your self-care game or make for a thoughtful gesture for the beauty enthusiast in your life (we all know one). 

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  • Photos courtesy of Ojook
    The Perfect Scene Set
    Pairing Eastern wellness philosophy with conscious consumerism, OJOOK transforms the act of brushing your teeth from a task into a ritual. After gaining experience at both Glossier and Apple, founder Youn Chang decided to strike out on her own to do for oral hygiene what those brands did for beauty and tech. So toss that plastic, neon orange mouth stick in a pint glass on your sink and open your world to the intention toothbrush, a compostable bamboo ticket to a more mindful future devoid of bleeding gums, thanks to gentle Asia-sourced bristles and a space on the handle to jot down a daily mantra. Cased inside a dapper aluminum tube, the peppermint-and-pine toothpaste formula boasts ingredients such as 9x baked Korean bamboo salt and nano-hydroxyapatite that remineralizes your teeth. Of course, you’ll need a proper display case. For that, OJOOK has crafted a minimalist vanity from fossilized algae that is both sustainable and stylish.
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  • Photos courtesy of Noto Botanics
    Noto Botanics
    Deep Serum
    If you’re anything like us, staying inside 24 hours a day has you feeling less than radiant. Thankfully, the new Deep Serum from L.A.’s go-to genderfluid cosmetics purveyor Noto Botanics has all the ethically sourced organic ingredients—grapeseed, marula, and carrot seed oil among them—to brighten your skin with hydration-rich, age-managing elements. It doesn’t just penetrate your skin, it heightens your senses. 
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  • Photos courtesy of La Prairie
    La Prairie
    Platinum Rare Haute-Rejuvenation Cream
    Over the years, the heritage Swiss luxury house has lived at the forefront of beauty innovation, producing indulgent face creams and serums that introduce science into skincare and incorporate rarefied ingredients such as caviar, gold, and now platinum. The precious metal is the anchor of the new Platinum Rare Haute-Rejuvenation collection, a fountain-of-youth formula offered in a seven product range. Housed in an assortment of sculptural, amethyst-shaded vessels with enhanced platinum accents, the velvety creams and elixirs—perfumed with La Prairie’s signature scent—showcase a new science dubbed Haute-Rejuvenation. At the core of it is a cellular renewal process that smooths wrinkles, improves skin moisture, restores volume, and induces a vibrant glow. In effect, it turns back time to more youthful skin.
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  • Photos courtesy of Dr. Sturm
    Dr. Barbara Sturm
    The Edit
    From Instagram’s favorite dermatologist: the perfect set for everyone, from skincare experts to newbies. With three key products–a hyaluronic serum, night serum, and face cream–The Edit covers the essentials, and removes the need for adding any unnecessary steps or products into your routine. Don’t be discouraged by the products size–they’re small but mighty, and pack a hydrating punch with just a few drops. The bright red box feels particularly perfect as a holiday gift, and its compact size makes it easy to ship to a friend you might not get to see this year.
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  • Campaign photos by Jordan Hemingway
    Comme des Garçons
    Rouge Eau de Parfum
    To put it simply, ROUGE contains multitudes. Thanks to left-of-center ingredients, like spicy pink peppercorn and Indonesian ginger, the scent conjures spine-tingling feelings of lightness. But the olfactory experience also gets brought back down to earth thanks to a luxe infusion of beetroot, Egyptian geranium leaves, incense, woody patchouli, and amber of cistus. The effect is warm, enveloping, and much like the packaging suggests, dangerously seductive.
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  • Photos courtesy of Corpus
    Third Love Natural Deodorant
    For those who’ve been skeptical about trying natural deodorant in the past, this one’s for you. With notes of rose, italian mandarin, violet, and cedar root, Corpus’s Third Love has successfully struck the right balance of using strictly clean ingredients, without sacrificing the strength typical of drugstore antiperspirants. Another perk not to be overlooked: the soft jade tube and gold label makes it cute enough to keep out on your dresser or nightstand, instead of tucked away in your medicine cabinet. Call us converts, we’d say it’s worth stocking up–they’d make a great stocking stuffer.
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  • Photos courtesy of Balmuda
    Frédéric Malle
    Portrait of a Lady Foam Bath
    Given the trend of inhabiting smaller, more modest homes, a proper bathtub is increasingly a rarity, if not an outright luxury. But, for those individuals who truly value a good soak, this foam bubble bath shows just how a little creativity can go a long way toward having your personal space and bathing in it too.
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  • Photos courtesy of Klur
    Supreme Seed Purification Mask
    Considering it might be awhile before we can get a professional facial again, this Klur mask serves as the perfect at-home dupe. With packaging as clean as its ingredients, the Supreme Seed mask is just as calming and rejuvenating from when you first open your medicine cabinet, to when it’s rinsed off your face. Recommended for sensitive and “easily-stressed” skin, we’d say it serves as a great gift for anyone on your list this year.
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  • Photos courtesy of Haeckls
    Exfoliating Vegan Seaweed Block
    This Exfoliating Vegan Seaweed Block might be the reason we get back in the bar soap game. Completely free from chemicals, synthetic fragrances and those rough plastic beads common in other exfoliants, this Haeckls product offers a thorough, yet invigorating experience–and is shockingly gentle enough to use daily. We suspect that even the most wary of washers will find the Seaweed Block does something more for them than their standard liquid cleanser.
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  • Photos courtesy of Rasasvada
    Zero Proof Amaro - Ruby Artemisia
    “Complex, arresting, and seductive.” It may not look like your typical go-to beauty product, but as a self-proclaimed detoxifier, anti-ager, hangover helper, and mood booster, we can’t find a reason why you wouldn’t want to add this “spirit restorative” to your skincare regimen. The floral, citrus, and herbaceous botanical notes make it decadent to enjoy on its own, yet playful enough to experiment with cocktails–a win-win in our books.
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  • Photos courtesy of Lokal Helsinki and Nystad Sauna
    Sauna Scent, Birch / Nystad Sauna
    Sauna is the only Finnish word to make it into everyday English language, and for a good reason: Finland has 2 million of them. This sachet contains 100% natural dried birch leaves, that when breathed in, resets your homeostasis. Just like a tea bag, the scent seeps into a bowl of hot water and evaporates into the steamy air, transcending your humdrum bathroom into a Helsinki sauna.
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  • Photos courtesy of Edward Bess
    Edward bess
    Case the Joint
    As a former model, Edward Bess knows beauty. Rubbing shoulders with millennials and Victorian-inspo, his namesake collection of eyeshadows, nail polish, and face powders are encased in boxes and vintage objects adorned with cameos and jewels. Our favorite of the objects, the Case The Joint compact, will “light up your life” with a face powder and a lipstick “special brownie”. Comes with a surprise clip, “to hold your happy trip.”
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  • Photos courtesy of AMASS
    Four Thieves Hand Sanitizer
    Sanitizing has become a regular ritual in our lives, but that doesn’t mean we need to resign ourselves to a habitual helping of industrial-grade goo. Thankfully, the boutique Los Angeles–based botanics brand AMASS has conjured a mixture of natural botanical extracts to transform the experience of cleansing from clinical and cold to sensory and indulgent. The Four Thieves scent is inspired by a blend of botanicals once believed to prevent the spread of the bubonic plague in medieval Europe, and named after a band of thieves who used the potion to protect themselves from the disease.
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  • Photos courtesy of La Bouche Rogue
    La Bouche Rouge
    Yves Klein Blue Lipstick Set
    Pucker your lips for Yves Klein. To celebrate the 60th anniversary of Klein Blue, French cosmetics atelier La Bouche Rogue and the artist’s archive collaborated on the packaging adorned with the infamous color, a striking cobalt blue. These lipstick shades demonstrate just how an aura, character, feeling, tone, and quality can be carefully designed, so to speak, in the name of color alone.
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  • Photos courtesy of Isa Lazo
    isa lazo
    Gift Set
    Infused with exotic ingredients such as rose damascena, grapefruit seed oil, and anthemis nobilis flower, Isa Lazo’s suite of indulgent skincare products is so satisfying it’s nearly impossible to choose just one. So we picked them all.
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  • Photos courtesy of Daluma
    Did you know that the sum of all microorganisms in the human body exceeds the mass of the brain? It’s crucial to maintain a healthy digestive tract, and the rising German vitamin purveyor Daluma is here to help. Each Biotic 20/5 Billion capsule contains, as the name suggests, 20 strands and more than 5,000,000,000 microorganisms and active nutrients. For a stress-free daily ritual that steps up your nutrition game and will make you feel healthier, look no further.
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  • Photos courtesy of David's
    Premium Natural Toothpaste / PEPPERMINT
    It turns out that nearly 400 million tubes of almost empty toothpaste are thrown out every year. Because of the aluminum and plastic composition most toothpastes are contained in, they are impossible to recycle and not profitable for sanitation companies to recycle. Turn a new leaf, David’s mouth cleansing paste is natural and contains zero packaging waste. Inside, the toothpaste is free of sweeteners, colors, and artificial preservatives. In fact, the premium natural toothpaste uses one primary ingredient— peppermint oil—which is distilled from the plant’s leaves. The fully aluminum tube and paste is vegan and cruelty free, making it fully recyclable.
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  • Photos courtesy of Helmm
    Heritage Starter Kit
    We’d normally recommend Helmm’s array of refillable antiperspirants for the itinerant traveler, but homebound hygienists will also delight in the Heritage Kit’s impeccably designed refillable canister. The sleek leather-wrapped container is equipped with an antiperspirant cartridge in a multitude of fragrances—Trailblazer, Coastline, Hudson, and Night Market—designed by world-renowned French perfumer Cecile Hua. It also radically rethinks how we consume deodorants, a hygienic staple that unfortunately creates a substantial amount of plastic waste. The Starter Kit includes one Helm container, one refillable cartridge, and a subscription that will come every six, seven, or eight weeks.
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  • Photos courtesy of Julisis
    Gold Wash Day Cleanser
    Medical healing plants and a complex alchemy production method that eliminates allergens are the foundation of JULISIS skincare products. With its bio-active blend of neroli flower extract, carrot oil, jojoba, and liquid gold, the Gold Wash Day brings vibrancy to stagnant morning skin.
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  • Photos courtesy of Flamingo Estate
    Flamingo estate
    Garden Immunity Gift Set
    This generous gift set has just about everything you need to support your body’s immune response—not a bad investment in the age of pandemic-induced panic. Piquing our interest the most is the Flowering Heirloom Mexican Oregano Immunity Tincture, an antioxidant-rich and anti-inflammatory herbal extract that supports a healthy immune system (It’s also grown at the Flamingo Estate and harvested by the brand’s in-house herbalist Ash Cornejo.) The hand sanitizer, meanwhile, contains a fragrant melange of rosemary, vetiver, hinoki, and eucalyptus, leaving your hands feeling soft, herbaceous, and germ-free.
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