The cannabis-focused edition of our gift guide paints a promising picture for the future of weed—and shows how widespread legalization is paving the way for an entirely new generation of design-savvy entrepreneurs and consumers. The following new releases, which run the gamut from CBD-infused bath salts and blown glass gravity bongs to golden grinders, reflect the sharp aesthetics of a newly emergent industry that beckons a second glance.

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  • Photos courtesy of Foria
    Wellness Bath Salts with CBD
    In an increasingly crowded space, Foria stands out for its rarified perch at the crossroads of cannabis and sexuality. Probably best known for its prized all-natural CBD lube, the trailblazing brand’s universal appeal stems from its holistic women-centric approach to wellness and intimacy through the lens of cannabidiols. The recently debuted Wellness CBD bath soak—a brew of organically grown kava, lavender, calendula, ginger, and hemp—is inspired by ancient bathing rituals and was formulated by Foria’s in-house herbalist specifically for this moment in time. Calming, purifying, centering—the super pack of botanicals and mineral-rich Epsom salts offer a moment of respite from the year that was.
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  • Photos courtesy of Aurora Elixirs
    aurora elixirs
    Sparkling Hemp Beverage
    $16 for a 4-pack
    If you haven’t hopped on the hemp-infused beverage bandwagon yet, we highly recommend kicking things off with one of Aurora Elixirs’ new fizzy aperitifs. With four diverse flavors—Lavender Orange, Cayenne Citrus, Rosemary Grapefruit, and Blackcurrant Spruce— and 15mg of broad-spectrum hemp CBD per bottle, each product is versatile, yet individually balanced enough for even the biggest bud-bev skeptic to enjoy. And at a time where decompressing feels more necessary than ever, there couldn’t be a better addition to your holiday party drink line-up to help set the tone.    
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  • Photos courtesy of Tokyo Smoke
    Heirloom Stack Pipe
    $150 CAD
    See the world through a rose-colored pipe. This all-in-one ashtray, grinder, and one-hitter, designed in Toronto by Heirloom Stack in collaboration with Castor, is equal parts decorative and convenient. Consider the ashtray your cannabis alter; use the cup-shaped vessel like a mortar and pestle to mince indica or sativa into desired coarseness. Store flower in tumbler and add to cone-shaped pipe periodically until satisfied.
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  • Photos courtesy of Stündenglass
    Gravity Bong
    Your Jimmy-rigged college milk jug, this is not. Stündenglass precision machined their latest offering with so much innovation that it may as well be a contraption out of a science lab: kinetic motion activation, advanced airflow technology, and borosilicate glass globes that pump out the most vaporous draw this side of India
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  • Photos courtesy of Lord Jones
    Spiced Cranberry Hemp-Derived CBD Gumdrops
    Imagine being swaddled by CBD so luscious that it brings your existential angst down at least a couple notches. Lord Jones offers up a treat this season with a tart cranberry-and-cinnamon flavor of its CBD gummies. You could say that each gumdrop is handcrafted with love—that’s to say with 20 milligrams of the finest broad spectrum hemp-derived CBD out there.
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  • Photos courtesy of Superette
    48 North Liv Gold Grinder
    I’m still waiting to have my own personal staff member on call to roll joints like Snoop Dogg. Until I get bitcoin-rich enough to afford it, I’ll be proud of my Superette solid brass grinder to help me look stylish while rolling my own. Never has it been so pleasant to be a peasant.
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  • Photos courtesy of Mineral Health
    Mineral health
    Nighttime Kit
    Need an antidote to nocturnal doom scrolling? Apply Mineral’s Nighttime Kit half an hour before bed to be lulled into a stress-free state of rest and relaxation. With a concentrated dose of whole-plant cannabinoids and terpenes, the plant-based SLEEP sublingual is guaranteed to soothe anxiety and restlessness. RELIEF, meanwhile, is an inflammation-reducing body oil enhanced with sacred Palo Santo and hemp-derived terpenes that calms the body. Permanently disable your news alerts for the full effect.
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  • Photos courtesy of Higher Standards
    higher standards
    Keith Haring Circle Catchall
    Bring Keith Haring’s beloved illustrations from streetside mural to intimate smoke sesh with this hand-polished circular catchall. Serving double duty as an aesthetic ashtray or vibrant vide-poche, this heat-resistant crystal glass statement piece pulses with the late artist’s inimitable energy and even features a laser-engraved version of his signature.
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  • Photos courtesy of AnandaHemp
    Ananda Touch
    Bliss Intimate Oil
    Get off on a high note with Ananda Touch’s Bliss Intimate Oil, which is infused with active cannabinoids. With all-natural ingredients like cacao seed butter, peppermint, and black pepper, you’ll reach dizzying heights to turn on, tune in, and rock out with your cock out.
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  • Photos courtesy of Herb Essentials
    Herb essentials
    There’s something about the austere black-and-white branding and packaging that seizes your attention, but it’s what’s inside that will win you over. A cannabis sativa seed oil base, known to stimulate the skin’s natural moisturizing mechanisms, is the key ingredient across the NYC–based brand’s product line that spans everything from scented candles to hand cream to lip balm. You can’t go wrong with any of them, but we love the all-purpose moisturizer, fortified with organic apple fruit extract and green tea, which leaves your skin feeling energized and looks elegant on your bathroom shelf.
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  • Photos courtesy of Tetra
    Elbow Pipe
    As if a magical plant that makes you feel fuzzy and funny wasn’t a great enough gift from the ganja gods, now you get to watch the rips travel to your lips with this Instagram-friendly pipe designed by the esteemed Nina Choplin of neenineen.
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  • Photos courtesy of Forme Life
    Standard dose
    Holiday Sleep Kit
    The irony of this kit’s name isn’t lost on us. Whether you’ll be with family and friends or staying home solo this holiday season, restful sleep will definitely be a necessity for getting through it. Featuring a magnesium bath soak and the Renne Half Moon Sleep Tincture, the combination of this duo offers a relaxing reprieve from any ancillary stress, and certainly ensures a solid night’s sleep. Given how much we love Standard Dose’s other products, we can’t wait to put this one to the test.
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  • Photos courtesy of Mae
    Mae x Joe Doucet
    The Ashtray
    The aesthetic of weed has been elevating for years now, but Joe Doucet just took it up another notch with his gilded six-piece Courbe Collection for the upscale cannabis brand Mae. The gorgeous accessories inspired by luxury fashion labels include a humidor, pipe, roach clip, grinder, and water pipe. But it’s the ashtray, a gleaming rose gold sphere in the shape of a ping-pong paddle, that has consumed us with desire. Our favorite feature: the elegant crevice molded to perfection for rolled product.
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