Fashion is a snapshot of a moment in time and our edit this year certainly adheres to that principle. What you’ll find inside is a mix of items that reflect the times: weR2’s patchwork of colorful masks with artist Kate Shepherd's designs, Entireworld’s oversized basics that put a gussied-up sheen on loungewear, a versatile rolled-up jogger by Goss inspired by Chilean lava fields, and a selection of sculptural jewelry for those important Zoom calls. Of course, there will come a time when we get dressed up for a night out again. For that, we have Chanel’s high-demand monogrammed tights, the hottest flex on Instagram right now.

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  • Photos courtesy of weR2
    Kate Shepherd DuoTone Masks Boxed Gift Set
    Launched by architect and interior designer Suchi Reddy and former gallerist Sara Meltzer, the weR2 line of housewares and accessories channel the work of contemporary artists. The duo was motivated to help others during the pandemic, so they repurposed an overrun of fabric printed with Kate Shepherd's designs to create masks. The result is a patchwork of colors and patterns equal parts stylish and sustainable, and the proceeds support two of their favorite causes, Feeding America and the NAACP.
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  • Photos courtesy of Auvere
    Byzantium Ring
    “High-quality materials are the foundation of beautiful things,” says Auvere founder Gina Love. Though a young enterprise, the two-year-old purveyor of 22 and 24 karat gold jewelry has so far shown a striking creative range. The brand recently charted new territory by adorning its wide range of investment-grade gold offerings with colored gemstones and diamonds. The idea came to Love following trips to the museums of Istanbul and to the markets of Jaipur, where she immediately felt an affinity toward the city’s abundant rubies. Thus birthed the ruby-adorned Byzantium Ring, which captures the ancient Byzantine Empire’s intrepid yet refined spirit through its masterful design and construction. Containing around 23 grams of 24 karat gold, Byzantium’s standout feature is the five smooth cabochon rubies that cast a fluorescent red color and evoke regal adornments.
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  • Photos courtesy of Uncommon Matters
    Uncommon Matters
    Cirrus Bangle
    When Amelie Riech launched her jewelry studio in 2012, she felt uncertain about her trajectory. The fashion designer named her venture “Uncommon Matters”—a title meant to evoke both mystery and inclusion. To that end, her creations defy expectations of how jewelry should look and feel. Her debut collection featured a series of torus-shaped porcelain rings and necklaces. Her latest line comes full circle—called Full Volume, it expands on her experiments with the torus shape while delivering the durability of sculpture with a lightweight construction. It consists of brightly polished gold and silver earrings, necklaces, and bracelets in tubular shapes that curve and arc. “I wanted to design big voluminous pieces of jewelry that were lightweight and comfortable,” says Riech, “while resembling something much larger and heavier.” She likens the forms to puffy intertwining donuts.
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  • Photos courtesy of Kyriaki
    J Scarf
    When creating her newest collection of silk scarves, Kyriaki Drakotos turned to the women around her. Considering a specific individual for each design, Drakotos conceived five ethereal patterns inspired by their personalities—with each bearing the initial of their influencer. While her first collection featured oversized silk scarves, the new set rounds out the brand’s offerings, featuring smaller, lighter designs for wear in warmer seasons. Each scarf has its own dominant color around which its motif is built. One standout features purple swirls that evoke the letter “J” amidst underwater motifs. Her reverence of nature doesn’t end there—Kyriaki has pledged to donate a portion of the collection’s proceeds to protect the Isthmus in Samir Flores Vive, Mexico, directly supporting a collective of indigenous women activists and artisans to defend their land and culture.
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  • Photos courtesy of Pyer Moss x Reebok
    Pyer Moss x Reebok
    Trail Fury Sneakers
    In 2017, the fashion designer Kerby Jean-Raymond joined forces with Reebok to create a sneaker and a few clothing items; thus, the Reebok by Pyer Moss collection was born. The two have since established an ongoing partnership that now sees Jean-Raymond joining the legacy sportswear brand as vice president of creative direction. Credit his meteoric rise to a disruptor mindset, monumental collections, and revolutionary runway shows that have turned Pyer Moss into a cultural powerhouse. His latest feat? The Trail Fury sneakers, now available in a palette of muted pinkish pastels, modeled on traditional hiking styles and made from technical mesh and faux leather. Our favorite feature? The printed inspirational message inside the tongue.
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  • Photos courtesy of Entireworld
    Organic Cotton Giant Shirt
    $125 (extra 25% off at checkout)
    Scott Sternberg first changed the world by making self-consciously preppy clothes—men’s clothes for women, slim shirts for men, and, of course, the notorious skinny tie—back in 2004 for his fashion label Band of Outsiders. Fast forward to 2015, and Sternberg announced that Band of Outsiders was going out of business. Fashion’s giant bubble was heading towards collapse and now the pandemic sped up what was inevitable, and, in fact, had already begun: warehouses and stores are sitting idly with a surplus of clothing, and there’s no sign when and if they will reopen again, if at all, in the same way. Entireworld, like the name suggests, does the opposite of the “in-crowd.” It’s clothing for everyone. No more fashion shows, department store wholesale accounts, or seasonal collections—just well-made basics for all people. The Organic Cotton Giant Shirt, which we admit is our favorite piece, is a men’s shirt for women that’s so perfectly oversized you may have to roll up your sleeves a few times.
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  • Photos courtesy of Allbirds
    Trino XO Tee
    Allbirds, known as Silicon Valley’s favorite shoe brand, recently took a major leap forward by branching into apparel, debuting a collection of stylish yet performance-driven basics that offer a refreshing antidote to disposable fast fashion. The TrinoXO Tee, our favorite from the collection, makes remarkable use of XO, a naturally derived and highly durable fiber made from discarded crab shells sourced from the Canadian coast. Not only did the fabric enable the Allbirds team to overcome the daunting task of designing a comfortable, well-proportioned tee, it also naturally keeps the garment fresh, eliminating the need for washes after every wear. The result is a sustainable, cutting-edge classic that, true to Allbirds form, doesn’t compromise on style or substance.
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  • Photos courtesy of Chanel
    Logo Tights
    Since September, searches for “statement logo tight” on the fashion search engine Lyst have spiked 61percent. Our favorite is Chanel’s variation, which has taken a hold of Instagram (Please note the anklet on Monica Ainley de la Villardière, these legs draping over a Breuer chair, and Blanca Miro’s lovely dancing gams). Adorned with Chanel’s famed double C monogram, the tights debuted at the Grand Palais at the Fall/Winter 2020-2021 show and have since become an of-the-moment alternative to traditional black hosiery—and perhaps the best example to appropriate the logomania trend in the most tasteful fashion. 

    These tights are not available online or on the Chanel website, only in stores.
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  • Photos courtesy of Issey Miyake
    Issey Miyake
    Bao Bao Prism Frost
    Bao Bao Issey Miyake has released a spectrum of new colors and sizes. The bag is renowned for its shield-like assemblage of polyvinyl triangles, which transform the flat mesh fabric into a three-dimensional form resembling a flexible piece of origami—or a whimsically designed building. The incredible feat of engineering was first introduced in 2000 when the fashion designer aptly dubbed it the Bilbao as a homage to Spain’s Guggenheim Museum, an architectural totem by the transcendental Frank Gehry whose swirling facade is regarded as a masterpiece of deconstructivism. Coincidingly, Issey Miyake opened a flagship store in New York City also designed by Gehry, which is famous for its 25-foot-high titanium sculpture known as “The Tornado.” The same way Gehry’s structures seem to have an inner life force of their own, so too do Miyake’s garments which took the form of the wearer's body. 
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  • Photos courtesy of Etnia Barcelona
    Etnia Barcelona x Ignasi Monreal
    Ignasi Monreal Sun
    Spanish artist Ignasi Monreal places classical painting in the now. Working in both traditional and digital mediums, his technique nods to masters of the past, while his subject matter sits firmly in the present. With an impressive client list including Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Dior, and the Four Seasons, the artist tailors each commission to suit the brand and its aesthetic with the flair of his signature style: as opulent and luxurious as the best maximalist old European master painters. But it’s the new collaboration with optical wear brand Etnia Barcelona that has caught our “eye.” Featuring a pair of peepers located at each temple, the sunglasses are an ode to John Berger’s Way of Seeing, giving you what Monreal describes as “an extra pair of eyes to see the world.”
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  • Photos courtesy of VERDI
    Seashell Weave Bag
    The Colombian textile studio VERDI often pairs local craft traditions with elevated materials to create stylish homewares and fashion accessories resplendent in local lore. Lately, the founder and creative director, Tomas Vera, has been captivated by the Cauca region's rich history of raising silkworms, also known as sericulture. "We're constantly experimenting with new techniques and material combinations from the vast Colombian repertoire," says Vera, who adorned the brand’s Bogota showroom with a mesmerizing Tree of Life that puts these fascinations on full display. It also defines their latest offering—a capsule of aureate mochilas, or knapsacks, featuring an eye-catching fusion of silver-plated metal threads and organic silk sourced from Cauca. Perhaps the lineup's most exceptional item is the Seashell Weave Bag in the gold ecru colorway. A romantic ode to Colombia's picturesque beaches, the marine shell motif intricately fuses the two fibers—a process that can take up to ten days—to create a glimmering interplay between materials.
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  • Photos courtesy of Fernando Jorge
    Fernando Jorge
    Flame 18-Karat Gold Earrings
    Considered one of his generation’s foremost jewelry designers, the London-based Fernando Jorge uses traditional techniques to infuse earrings, necklaces, and other wearables with elements of fluidity, movement, and nods to the natural beauty of his native Brazil. The Flame Earrings are no exception. Crafted from 18 karat gold, these undeniable statement pieces are finished with a high polish and evoke flickering fire as they catch the light.
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  • Photos courtesy of Loewe
    L.A. Series Hammock bag
    This Ken Price-inspired collection looks and feels like a vacation. Loewe’s creative director, Jonathan Anderson, has long been taken by the American sculptor’s abstract ceramic works, finding that he didn’t neatly fit into the traditional nomenclature of artmaking. The Spanish fashion house’s Ken Price capsule collection recalls scenes of vibrant landscapes with tropical beaches, dense cityscapes, and the palm trees of Los Angeles, where the artist was born. Works of art in their own right, the limited-edition series of ready-to-wear, bags, and accessories evoke his own West Coast fantasies: an ocean in Venice Beach, a parking lot in Santa Monica, or a clearing of palm trees set against the blue sky. The L.A. Series Hammock bag might just be the perfect antidote to our collective pandemic-induced cabin fever.
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  • Photos courtesy of Ludovic de Saint Sernin
    Ludovic de Saint Sernin
    Asymmetric Tank Top
    After the pandemic hit and retailers canceled his orders, fashion designer Ludovic de Saint Sernin took things into his own hands, literally. Shooting his “E-boy” collection at home on his iPhone with his boyfriend, de Saint Sernin began to tease out lusty pictures on his Instagram, one image of a crop-topped torso and trousers with a cross-laced fly at a time. Instead of throwing six months worth of work into a fashion show where only a few hundred can be, de Saint Sernin prefers to slow-release studio photographs that garner linger-worthy reactions. We subscribe to de Saint Sernin’s vision because it’s just as much a mentality as it is a design methodology. Case in point, we can’t stop looking at the photo of his boyfriend, Ignacio Muñoz, wearing his Asymmetric Tank Top.
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  • Photo courtesy of Hermès
    Saint Barth Beach Towel
    Illustrator Quentin Monge conjures an island paradise in an Art Deco style reminiscent of 1930s travel posters. In a bold, graphic treatment, the design features a plane ascending to land on the eponymous island's beaches beneath a radiant sun. Who doesn’t want to bask on a terry cloth beach towel that also happens to be Hermès?
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  • Photos courtesy of Cat Merrick
    Cat Merrick
    UFO Necklace
    By deconstructing traditional themes of color and light refraction without using stones or precious metals, Cat Merrick’s jewelry offers a refreshing take on what constitutes wearable sculpture. Her latest collection, Strange Days, pulls optical lenses from science suppliers, fine art pigments from painting, glass from neon signage, and dark humor from theater into a mind-bending series that looks far beyond itself to unravel today’s fraught living conditions. It's hard to go wrong with UFO, a necklace that creates a strip of vibrating light in the center of the chest by using pure fine art pigment set in thick quartz.
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  • Photos courtesy of Audette
    Nuit Bag - Vino
    Having developed a lifelong affinity for fashion under her mother, a patternmaker for Chanel and Dior, Aude Jan spent her youth crafting clothing and accessories in Parisian ateliers. She soon met her partner, Charles Gout, and relocated to Mexico City to launch Audette, an up-and-coming label of sculptural leather handbags that seamlessly blends the purity of French couture with the vibrance of Mexican design. Embodying the brand's ethos is Le Nuit, a rigid half-moon shaped bag with just enough room for your phone, wallet, makeup, and other essentials. Its adjustable strap with snaps allows five different positions so you can carry it by hand, over your shoulder, or cross body as you desire.
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  • Photos courtesy of Fendi
    Fendi Flow - Multicolour Nylon Low Tops
    Anyone is a runner in these super-light slip-ons! Fendi Flow, a new unisex sneaker that first appeared on the Italian house’s Men’s Fall/Winter 2020 runway and is named after the natural flow of the Fendi “F” that moves across its sole line, contains multitudes. Material-wise, it features a sporty suede, see-through tech fabric, lightweight rubber sole, neoprene back for additional support, and rubber “Fendi Flow” loop detail. Elastic laces and a diagonal rubber zipper add a distinctive aesthetic touch and the ability to easily slip the shoe on and off without undoing them.
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  • Photos courtesy of MadeByAlex
    Can an It Bag be eco-friendly? Alex Dabagh’s aNYbag certainly makes a compelling case. The leather designer achieves a remarkable feat by converting discarded plastic, from ziplocks to film, into usable textiles. Typically fashioned in bold, poppy hues, the new all-black colorway, exclusive to Design Dose, pays homage to New York’s enduring infatuation with moody tones.
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  • Photos courtesy of Saint Rita Parlor
    Saint Rita Parlor
    Porter-Crain | Florissant Collection
    The cult eyewear, fragrance, and accessories brand Saint Rita Parlor has an heirloom quality that is increasingly rare in the age of fast fashion. While its origin story and sensibility are unmistakably rooted in a laid-back Southern California cool, the brand’s essence comes from founder Neil Bardon’s late grandmother, Rita, the muse for his singular collections that trace various eras of her life and nod to the experiences they shared together. Choosing from his covetable product range is a challenge, but we’re into the handmade whiskey and water frames of these beauties from the Florissant Collection.
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  • Photos courtesy of Coperni
    App Bag
    Taking cues from your iPhone’s app icon, the App Bag features a distinctly innovative form defined by its shape and the negative space in between it. A double-end zip traces its center, running along its structured handle. We liken the bag to a Gestalt figure-ground composition, an art piece that’s equally as attractive in foreground as it is in the background.
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  • Photos courtesy of GOSS New York
    GOSS New york
    Lava Pant
    Derrick Goss envisioned his namesake menswear label, which consists of a tightly edited 12-piece collection of stackable, sustainable basics, to be worn by itinerant travelers everywhere from the beaches of Tulum to the nightclubs of Tokyo. Until the world opens up again, the pieces also function as adaptive, all-terrain sportswear that appeals to your inner minimalist. Our favorite is the Lava Pant, a versatile must-have whose knits draw inspiration from the lava sculpted, salt-glazed landscapes of Northern Chile. Use it as a rolled-up jogger during the day or sophisticated complement to loafers in the evening.
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