Atelier Alain Ellouz

Alabaster Nomadic Lamps


Alain Ellouz might be the world’s foremost authority on illuminating alabaster. The precious stone—a soft sulfate mineral that requires the utmost care—is often too delicate to be used for decorative purposes, so his Parisian atelier spent two years engineering a proprietary technique, called Stonelight, that makes alabaster as strong as granite while maintaining its spellbinding ethereality. Having perfected the craft, his fixtures are remarkable feats of engineering that, when infused with light, emanate a gentle glow that reveals alabaster’s hidden richness: smoky swirls, spirals, and clouds that appear frozen in motion. 

The atelier now debuts édition with a new collection of alabaster table lamps that prove Ellouz’s know-how while propelling his experimental ethos to exciting new heights. Making use of small stones unearthed while sourcing for larger fixtures, the new collection features a series of four touch-activated lamps sporting their own distinct personalities: the cylindrical Lyra, the domed Athena, the architecturally inspired Gama, and the half-ellipsoid Mona. Each comes with a dimmable LED bulb that’s scaled to match the surrounding rock, making it equally suited for romantic mood lighting or a bedside reading lamp. But feel free to take édition wherever you see fit, even outside—each one is cordless and lasts for up to eight hours.

By The Numbers:

1 Type of stone
4 Models 
8 Hours of autonomous light 
12 Hours to create each piece 
40 Collaborators around the world
15 Years since the atelier started creating alabaster lights
5,000 Years since alabaster was discovered