Courser Uno

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Carbon fiber, nubuck leather, and polyurethane are the premium building blocks which Courser creates its shoes. Since launching in November, the brand has blazed the trail for high-quality, durable materials, proving that making footwear that’s both athletic and luxurious is not only technically possible, but also a viable business model. With a product range that includes two colors for both men and women, Courser offers something for every season and almost every activity. 

The brand’s shoes aren’t just high-quality and versatile, they’re what husband-and-wife co-founders Michael Petry and Laurie Spiro call “hyper-luxe,” an aesthetic they describe as “all bark and all bite.” But as the oft-repeated proverb goes, all good design is a balance between form and function. With its sleek silhouette, thoughtful color palette, and refined materials, the Courser Uno stands out as a revolutionary first-of-its-kind shoe, optimizing performance and looks simultaneously. It’s all in the subtle design details, such as the leather upper’s gold logo and the front and rear top’s marble patterns, which evoke the maker’s mark of bespoke Italian artistry. Petry and Spiro note that the concept was founded with a singular idea: “To produce a sneaker almost too incredible to be called one; to make a shoe the way it should be produced, using only the best ingredients and the world’s best craftspeople.” 

Women's: white and pink; Men's: white and cyan 
*Additional colors coming soon

Two high-quality materials are fused together to create the upper part of the shoe. The outermost material is nubuck leather, which is known for its unique buttery texture. The nubuck is bonded to a special fiber that was originally invented for space exploration and  five times stronger than steel, yet so light that it floats on water. 

This full-length, 100 percent carbon fiber insole has non-linear dynamic flexibility, which helps optimize performance in every scenario—it’s flexible while walking and stiff when running. The insole reduces the risk of injury for athletes by centralizing pressure in the foot and harmful joint loading at the knees and ankles. 

Courser’s proprietary midsole is made from a compression-resistant foam which is up to three times more durable than EVA, the material used in most running shoes. The base material is made from polyurethane (PU) foam, which is ideal for midsoles thanks to its high resiliency, lack of compression, and unrivaled comfort. Typically, PU can feel too heavy, but Courser developed an air-blown PU that’s ultra-lightweight.

By The Numbers:

2020 Year established
1st Fleet-footed, supercharged performance sneaker
15 Times stronger than steel, yet so light it floats on water
100% Carbon fiber plate
2-3x More durable than EVA
100% Made by hand in Italy
2 Colors for men and for women *Additional colors coming soon