Cultus Artem

Vetiveria Eau de Parfum


Cultus Artem is the embodiment of a modern-day apothecary, integrating old world artisanship with a contemporary approach to luxury. Founder Holly Tupper is at the helm of the San Antonio-based brand, and its resident alchemist, bringing her transcontinental experiences as an artist, designer, and jeweler to the table to transform the nature of a timeless accessory—fragrance. Cultus Artem’s clean approach to olfactory craft thrives on a slow synergy, beginning with the direct sourcing of ingredients from family-owned companies, ultra-sustainable production— which sees the replacement of heavy machinery and single-use plastics with cleanable and reusable materials—and understated packaging that includes handmade textured paper and golden tassels from Northern India, presenting more nuance in 50 mL than thought possible. 

Vetiveria is one of eight gender-neutral scents carefully crafted in-house at Cultus Artem’s refurbished atelier, situated inside a former Southwestern Bell Telephone Exchange building. With top notes of earthy Haitian vetiver and coconut pulp, Vetiveria transcends the idea of a signature scent to become a pulse point of calm and restoration. Inspired by Tupper’s memories of her time in Southeast Asia, thoughtfully blended elements of Australian sandalwood, woody Corsican lentisque, and warm, fossilized Himalayan amber come together in a delirious evocation of nostalgia. “When I experience vetiver, I am reminded of driving through rural Indonesian villages at dusk, the smells of life intertwined through cooking fires and the burning leaves to ward off mosquitos. This fragrance is a journey for me, to which I have added the fossilized amber as an homage to the smells of village life." 

Vetiveria is currently on showcase at Surface Area, our gallery and showroom in the Miami Design District.

By The Numbers:

35-million-year-old fossilized Himalayan amber 7 notes
9 ingredients
8 total fragrances
0 animal testing, parabens, organosulfates, phthalates, color additives, or synthetic dyes. 
100% vegan