Folding Chair

$295; use the code DESIGNDOSE for a 10% discount

When George Yabu and Glenn Pushelberg set out to launch a homewares brand, they insisted it be emblematic of the peripatetic lifestyle that has been a hallmark of their own. (The design duo is known the world over for their elegantly timeless hotel and restaurant projects from the Middle East to Mexico City.) So it comes as no surprise that the idea for the Folding Chair struck during a sojourn to their vacation home in Amagansett, New York. “We wanted to eat alfresco on our balcony and noticed we didn’t have a suitable chair,” the couple says. “In that moment, we needed something simple and compact, but also attractive and mobile, to bring indoors and outdoors.” 

Whether at the beach or in an apartment living room, the ash-wood Folding Chair’s clean-lined Scandinavian build and Japanese materiality put it in a different class than the brightly colored, webbed-seat lawn chairs of yore—it’s a swish piece of furniture imbued with the same adaptability and portable nature of its creators. "There’s very rarely a folding chair that accomplishes this and when it does, the mechanics of folding smoothly take precedence over the personality,” Yabu and Pushelberg say. “We combined function and aesthetic to make the departo chair not only have its own character but fit into the way people live: in their small city apartments, on their terrace enjoying a coffee, relaxing at the beach."  

Ash legs and backrest, canvas seat, leather handle, steel structure.

Width 48cm x Depth 47.7cm x Height 74cm

Portable quality to fit your global nomad lifestyle, the pieces are best cleaned with a soft, dry cloth regularly to remove dust, and other surface dirt. Only use furniture polishes that are non-solvent, and never use wire wool to wipe the surface. 

By The Numbers:

13 hours to complete
1   Japanese leather workshop
29 stainless steel screws
100% hand-crafted 
4 different materials
1 piece of waxed, finished canvas
1 handle for easy portability
0 tools for assembly