Isabelle Brourman

Love Face, 2019


Isabelle Brourman is a mixed-media artist and designer. Brourman builds poetic dialogues between personal narrative and the collective unconscious through a complex system of painting, illustration, beading, stitching, and/or collage.  Drawing on her own experience, observations, and the imagination, Isabelle uses a range of materials as a way of merging details of everyday life with the glowing idealism of the divine. The work is effusive: inspired by conversations, dreams, discarded objects, wishes, strangers, lovers, and trauma.

Love Face is composed of a variety of hidden faces and their interrelated narratives. Compositionally, the painting references the suspense of the stage, playing with the tensions and tricks of its containment. Love Face hosts characters, some in plain sight and some hidden in larger patterns of abstraction. Brourman hopes to convey the complicated romance that is being alive through color, melody, and material. 

Brourman is an artist, designer, and writer based in New York. She received her MFA from Pratt Institute in 2019 with an emphasis in painting and drawing. She illustrated Balsam, a book of poetry by Vanessa Thill & published by Pacific Press. The book is an acquisition of the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) Library’s permanent collection.

40” x 40”
Oil on canvas
Currently on view in Woman Made at Surface Area in the Miami Design District