Issey Miyake


$570 Top 
$660 Pants 
$910 Jumpsuit

Issey Miyake, one of history’s greatest pleaters, has introduced a new series inspired by ancient Greek mythology goddesses of music. As most audiophiles know, any great song has structure, including a chorus, verses, and a bridge. So too do Miyake’s garments, which are fashioned from a single thread and then heat treated with a permanent pleat. The accordion folds first became their own brand made for everyday wear after debuting in his Spring Summer 1994 collection. Washable and packable, Miyake’s pleats are being reimagined yet again with sculptural ensembles that glide along the body like a slinky. 

PLEATS PLEASE ISSEY MIYAKE MUSA is a virtuoso assembly of tops, pants, and jumpsuits festooned with colorful brush-like strokes. Available in two colors—orange and grey—the former portrays a goddess singing in soft sunlight while the latter depicts the same scene in moonlight. Suitable for occasions day and night, the statuesque garments are versatile, wrinkle-proof, and don’t require dry cleaning. “Design is not for philosophy, but for life,” Miyake says, reflecting on his brand’s fundamental concept: wearability. 

By The Numbers:

27 years since the launch of the PLEATS PLEASE ISSEY MIYAKE brand
6 styles in the MUSA series
2 colored patterns in the MUSA series
1 single thread
Hundreds of pleats