Jade Alexis Thacker - Art For Change

Embarrassment Safe Word Wheel Spin, 2020


Jade Alexis Thacker erupted onto the New York art scene with her first solo show, “Embarrassment Safe Word,” which was shown at the Kravets Wehby Gallery in New York. Thacker uses contrasting colors, shapes, and designs to elicit dramatic reaction from viewers with the goal of leaving them wondering, “How did she make me feel that way, and can it please happen again?”

Embarrassment Safe Word Wheel Spin, 2020, was a featured work in the artist’s sold-out solo exhibition by the same name. As exemplified in this piece, Thacker often explores tension and movement in the figures of her pieces, animating them through contortion or displayed mid-action or realization. The swirling composition is marked with broad strokes and a variety of textures. The washed portrait is punctuated with strong, blended strokes of color, where the artist's touch and movement becomes palpable. “In a general sense, movement is related because I can use my own body as a vehicle for whatever type of energy into the strokes and gestures," says Thacker.

Thacker is a Boston native who graduated with a BFA in printmaking from Massachusetts College of Art and Design.

Archival Pigment Print
18" x 20.25"
Limited Edition of 10 with three AP
Hand-embellished, hand-signed and numbered by Jade Alexis Thacker
Currently on view in
Woman Made at Surface Area in the Miami Design District