J.T. Pfeiffer

Le Jardin

Starting at $3,920
Various sizes and colors available

One glance at the curvilinear forms that define Le Jardin, a handcrafted wool and silk rug by J.T. Pfeiffer, and the metallic ornamentation of Art Deco architecture may come to mind. Look closer: the rounded shapes also evoke a blossoming flower, or perhaps a birds-eye views of a carefully manicured hedge maze. With a French name that translates to “the garden,” the rug pens a love letter to founder Julia Tonconogy Pfeiffer’s heritage—a frequent inspiration for her burgeoning Buenos Aires studio’s growing collection of custom floor coverings. She conceived Le Jardin as a touching tribute to her late uncle, Edmundo Tonconogy, a landscape architect who split his time between Buenos Aires and New York City. 

Meticulous attention to detail runs in the family. The lifelong Bonaerense initially channeled botanic verve into one quadrant of Le Jardin, but expanded it to all four sections when, as she says, “one didn’t do it justice.” The result? An eye-catching symmetrical statement piece that “colorfully illustrates patterns found in nature with a creative design edge.” She also ensures that each custom rug is hand-carded and hand-spun with only the finest grade Tibetan wool and silk by skilled artisans in Kathmandu. Using superior, ethically sourced materials sets her studio apart, as does Tonconogy Pfeiffer’s imagination—translating her visions into lustrous dream-like harmonies of color and pattern positions the oft-overlooked rug as a bar-none equivalent to fine art. And that’s exactly the point: Her carpets are often presented in galleries alongside blue-chip artwork.

Size: 9x12 ft
Composition: 70% Tibetan Wool, 30% Silk
Technique: Hand Tufted
Density: 100 knots
Pile Height: 8 mm
Finish: Cut Pile

By The Numbers:

100 knots per square inch
20 lifespan of each hand-tufted rug in years
11 Le Jardin color combinations available
11 colors used in each rug
300 bespoke rugs produced in the past four years
7,540 miles a rug travels from the Kathmandu workshop to the New York City showroom
777,600 individual knots required to weave a 9”x6” hand-knotted rug
10,000 knots tied by a weaver every day
23 years of operation in Nepal