Jun Cha



If we can agree on one thing, it’s that 2020 was unrelenting in its disruption and tumult. The year’s apocalyptic mood resonated with Jun Cha, the Los Angeles artist who has recently gained renown for translating his black-and-grey vision across tattooing, sculpture, and painting. Right as the coronavirus pandemic took hold, Cha was working on Protector, a guardian angel sculpture that aims to symbolize unity. 

It may very well be Cha’s most emotionally evocative work yet. “Protector evolved over three years of research and development, fusing all creative disciplines of art, science, and spirituality into one,” Cha says, further describing the statuesque figure as “a true test of adversity and confrontation of mortality.” Inspiration struck when he observed a solar eclipse create a “path of totality” in which earth, moon, and sun align, and a complete circle of light merged all things into one. “It’s the mystical experience that seeded everything,” he says, noting that his research revealed “unity as the fundamental first principle that’s reflected in the microcosm of biology to the macrocosm of space and everything in between. This core inner simplicity of nature is the foundation of the design.”

Over time, Protector evolved from a simple sketch to clay, 3D, marble, and the final product of highly polished bronze. Cha aims for the sculpture, available in a limited run of 12 and exclusive to Design Dose, to stand as a steadfast beacon of hope during turbulent times. “Protector is the eternal light overcoming darkness, unwavering in its singular purpose: to awaken consciousness.” 

By The Numbers:

1 Foundation of overlapping octagons
1 Signed and numbered unique insignia disc
3 Years of research and development
3 Sets of triptych lines flow throughout the form
4 Elements in the casting process: raw earth evolves through crucibles of fire, air, and water to a highly polished bronze finish
24 Hand sculpted leaves make up the crown
6 Sides of the hexagonal sigil inform the sculpture's proportions
8 Sides of the octagon define the proportions of the hand crafted wooden box