Kalon Studios

Rugosa Chair


On the Rhode Island coast, a secluded beach house named Rugosa has been a go-to getaway for generations of artists and scholars seeking a much-needed summer refuge. Teeming with breeze-filled living spaces configured for conversation, music, and quiet study, the retreat practically begs its occupants to spend long stretches either alone with their thoughts or immersed in discussion. That pleasant duality is exactly what motivated Michaele Simmering and Johann Pauwen, the husband-and-wife founders of Los Angeles furniture studio Kalon, to devise a collection of sustainable home furnishings that capture the spirit and sensibilities of its beloved namesake house. 

Consisting of a sofa, daybed, chair, coffee table, side table, and bookshelf, the Rugosa Collection features a sleek, clean-lined construction that makes subtle nods to Modernism. It’s also manufactured entirely in the U.S. and deftly incorporates time-tested natural materials such as western sugar pine planks. “Rugosa’s universal forms and simple materials mean that it can reside comfortably in many living environments,” Simmering and Pauwen say of the chair, our personal favorite of the bunch, which features a plush down cushion upholstered in Belgian linens. “We want our work to blend seamlessly into people’s homes, mix with what they already have, and create an atmosphere without dominating it.” After living with various Rugosa pieces and fine-tuning them for five years before bringing the collection to market, the studio seems to have achieved its intention.

By The Numbers:

2 Years spent studying the makeup of living rooms
1919 Year that Rugosa, the beach house that inspired the collection, was built
3 Number of craftspeople who work on each piece
10% Domestically made wooden furniture in the U.S. 
6 Wood components used in each chair
4 Natural materials: linen, cotton, sugar pine, feather
99.9% Biodegradable materials (glue excluded)
36,000 Years that humans have been using linen
100% Waste material repurposed as fuel for heating the factory
200 ft Height of Sugar Pine trees, the largest of all pines and second tallest only to Sequoia
5 Years that Kalon founders Michaele and Johann lived with the pieces before putting into production