Kalon Studios

Simple Bed

$1,995 - $5,145

Like any good origin story, Simple Bed’s begins with necessity. Johann Pauwen and Michaele Simmering, the husband-and-wife founders of Kalon Studios, moved to Los Angeles from Berlin and found themselves alone in an empty house. Instead of buying furniture, they decided to build it. “The intention was to be able to take these items with us when we moved to our next home,” the couple says. “That prompt led us to envision designs that put functionality first while being relatively pure in form.” The Simple Bed was born. 

Some of Kalon’s collections spring from particular design movements, like the Japanese Sashimono tradition’s influence on the Bough Collection. Others emerge from feelings. The Simple Collection evokes a sense of calm, balance, and spaciousness—attributes inspired by the meditative solitude of private spaces. Designed and fabricated in the United States using sustainably harvested domestic wood and machined brass, the made-to-order Simple Bed comes in two styles: oil-rubbed American ash and black walnut. While its simplicity makes it malleable to a wide array of design sensibilities, its true beauty lies in its quintessence. The purity of form and materiality imbue it with a timeless allure endemic to great design. In other words, it’s the perfect version of the object humanity calls a bed. “We didn’t have a design brief in the traditional sense because the brief was our actual lives, what we wanted to live alongside at that moment in time with an eye towards many more years to come. Our work often comes from this place of genuine need, which we hope has produced a body of work that resonates on a practical as well as emotional level.”    

By The Numbers:

1/3 Percentage of our lives spent sleeping
2 Number of materials used
20 Minutes to assemble
60 Minutes spent on final inspection of every piece
100% Percentage made with sustainably harvested, solid, domestic wood
11 Craftspeople involved in the Simple Bed’s fabrication
7.25 Hours to build each bed
5 Types of hardware used to assemble
7 Number of steps involved in machining the brass feet
10 Percentage of furniture sold in the U.S. that’s actually made in the U.S.