Honeycomb Cuff


Inspired by nature's preeminent architects, the Honeycomb Cuff mimics the hexagonal lattice that bees and wasps have constructed for centuries—a universally regarded masterpiece of organic engineering. Like shimmering, hypoallergenic beads of honey wrapped around your wrist, LAUREA’s Honeycomb Cuff is a sublime example of biomimicry and a pure expression of materiality. “Much like distilling a complex subject down into a simple phrase, the most difficult thing to achieve is a simple design that showcases the exact spirit of the material,” says the LAUREA founders. “For the Honeycomb collection, our design team started with the concept of creating an expression of strength from a material that has traditionally been thought of as soft and malleable.”

Founded by investment veteran Deryk Rhodes, the Palm Beach–based maison brings a unique mindset to the world of high-end jewelry. Fashioned exclusively from 24-karat gold, the filigree cuffs, classic pendants, and structural cufflinks are treated as assets whose value can be tracked in a digital portfolio. Each bullion-grade piece is sold by the gram, with pricing pegged to the real-time market value of gold. More than a beautiful bauble, every purchase can be sold back or traded up. “We have a singular focus: to craft jewelry from pure 24-karat gold. Like most products at the intersection of art and function, the raw material has an opinion, and more than most, pure 24-karat gold’s opinion is strong. To a certain extent, it tells the maker what it wants to be,” says the founders, adding, “LAUREA jewelry doesn’t just sit in your jewelry box, it’s an investment.”

*LAUREA’s prices are live and linked to the real-time price of gold, prices may fluctuate slightly.

133 mm outer circumference / 55.5 mm inner diameter / 3.5 mm thick

By The Numbers:

By The Numbers 
1 organic ingredient
100% pure 24-karat gold
100% hypoallergenic
1 dedicated craftsman who hand-makes each item
39g (weight)