Lupe Quesada

Froot Loops (Series)

$240 - $330

Lupe Quesada explores the complexities of the universe through sculpture and pottery. Interested in the broad spectrum of living entities and unique perceptions, Quesada's work explores themes of diversity and familiarity, with interests driven by the artist’s calling to the natural world. Her most recent project, Terrestre, explores the complexities of biological phenomenon through  handmade ceramics that embody the fantastical world of flora and fauna. 

Froot Loops and Candies are a series of handmade vases that reimagine previous sculptures by Quesada. Inspired by the Fruit Loops cereal, the artist uses white clay with a locally-made glaze; the result is a rainbow of hand-painted colors, enamels, and textures that shine and build a rich texture. Each piece is unique and offers a sense of cohesion that ties the collection together and recalls a diversity in the natural world.

Froot Loops (tall) - 8.2" x 4.3" x 4.3" 
Froot Loops and candies - 8.6" x 4.7"x 4.7" 
Froot Loops (pink) - 4.3" x 5"x 5"
Hand built ceramics vases made with white clay and painted with enamels