Made by Alex


Limited edition; only 30 available

Can an It Bag be eco-friendly? Alex Dabagh’s aNYbag certainly makes a compelling case. The leather designer achieves a remarkable feat by converting discarded plastic, from ziplocks to film, into usable textiles—an idea hatched when reckoning with his own factory’s plastic waste. The result is a stylish tote, handwoven by local artisans, that fully embodies New York’s ethos and works to preserve it in equal measure: each aNYbag repurposes 95 upcycled plastic bags.

Typically fashioned in bold, poppy hues, the new all-black colorway (exclusive to Design Dose) pays homage to Gotham’s undying infatuation with moody tones. Dabagh says it’s definitely a New York thing: “L.A. reminds me of bright colors and blonde hair, while New York has always drawn me towards darker colors and clothes.” Inspiration also struck when collaborating with Surface, whose penchant for minimalism became top of mind. “Black is a staple for the design community—it’s what the cool kids and artists wear, so I wanted to bring that into the weave.” With a sturdy weight tolerance of 100 pounds, the aNYbag excels in versatility; bring it to the bodega or the Berkshires.

aNYbag purchase comes with complimentary Surface x LAYER Straws set.

By The Numbers:

1,000 years for single-use plastic bags to decompose
5,000 lbs of plastic collected to date
95 plastic bags in each aNYbag
3 months to trial and develop the textile
268 yards of plastic stripping per bag
23 billion plastic bags used nationwide annually
100 pounds of weight tolerance per bag
0 carbon footprint to create the woven plastic textile
215 minutes to make one aNYbag