Peg Woodworking

Satet Bench

Made to order and can be customized

Since founder Kate Casey established the studio in 2014, the women-run venture has carved a niche within Brooklyn’s tight-knit design sphere by hand-producing an array of tables, benches, and chairs that pay homage to the clean lines of Shaker furniture, the sleek minimalism of Scandinavian design, and the intricate weaving traditions of Peruvian and Native American artisans. The Satet Bench is no different: it subtly celebrates each movement, distilling them into an undeniably modern pièce de résistance that, as Casey explains, “can be both visually engaging and functional.”

The handwoven cotton seat, easily the bench’s hallmark element, features one continuous cord expertly woven into geometric patterns that gently waterfall over its faceted frame—a process that can take up to 16 hours. And no two are alike: “Each bench is woven with painterly style patterning, making each piece singularly unique,” says Casey. Further visual intrigue stems from the use of ashwood, available in either blackened or bleached finishes, whose detailed grains loosely reference cathedral spires. “I really respond to the textural differences between the graphic patterning and the faceted curves,” says Casey, who also took cues from coopering, the time-honored process of hand-crafting barrels, vats, and buckets from steamed timber staves. “It’s been a fun challenge to utilize centuries-old techniques to achieve a modern aesthetic.” 

She also ascribed touches of surrealism with sculptural rounded edges that create negative space for storage on each side—clever cubby holes for those few extra tchotchkes or coffee table books you have lying around.

Dimensions L 54" x D 14" x H 16"
Weight 60 lbs
Materials Ash and cotton cord

By The Numbers:

16 hours to complete hand weaving 
2 storage spaces
2 materials
2 wood finishes
1 continuous cotton cord 
1 women-led woodshop and studio
6 years in business