ROOM Botanical Collection


With its sleek, modular design crafted from 1,088 recycled plastic bottles, ROOM’s limited-edition phone booth collection, Botanical, is an oasis of calm perfectly suited for collaborative open-plan work environments. Inspired by the Arts and Crafts Movement, the works of William Morris, Wes Anderson, and a personal trip to Ibiza, designers Alicia Perry and Rebecca Intavarant of U.K.–based Tuppence Collective outfitted the interiors with tropical-print walls in patterns of bamboo, banana, and palm. Just in time for Earth Day, Room is rereleasing the banana motif for another run.  

Equipped with soundproof walls, a standing desk, magnetic board, motion-activated ventilation system, and integrated power and ethernet ports, Room reinterprets the 20th-century staple for the modern age as hub for video conferencing, private phone calls, a meditation studio, or just a refuge to escape the office din. These minimalist pods are already a hit with the likes of Nike, NASA, Google, Hulu, and Salesforce. “We spend a lot of time indoors. Studies say that on average we spend approx 90% of our day inside. As living beings we have an inherent need to connect with nature and green spaces,” says Alejandra Albarrán, the director of design and innovation at ROOM. “Biophilic design means bringing natural elements indoors in a way that mimics outdoor environments. This has been proven to reduce stress, increase productivity and motivation and boost creativity.” 

Room’s custom botanical banana pod appealed to our sensibilities so much—this past year we scored the last of the sought-after pieces, which resides in our Miami Design District gallery—that we’ve been dreaming about a collab ever since. On that note, keep an eye out for the ROOM x Surface artist booth coming later this summer.  

By The Numbers:

100% customizable to any work space
13 sq. ft. of sound proofed privacy
60 seconds of fresh air replaced every minute by ventilation fans
3 types of sustainable materials used throughout
1 hour or less to fully assemble