Slash Objects

Adri Chair


Now on showcase at Surface Area, Slash Objects' Adri Chair is a sculptural statement piece defined by a recycled rubber composite seat that’s perched like a scroll between two sturdy marble slabs.

Founder Arielle Assouline-Lichten says "It speaks to a new direction with how I’m treating the same materials differently and testing the limits of their strength. It’s incredible how much you can learn about a material the longer you work with it. To me, this was about testing the capabilities of recycled rubber. I pushed myself to position materials together in daring ways throughout the show, and I want to continue that."

Slash Objects is an award-winning New York design studio rooted in a fascination with materials and how they are brought together. Assouline-Lichten creates high-end products and furniture using recycled and long lasting materials.

By The Numbers:

2 slabs of marble
2 brass rods
1 strip of recycled rubber
1 designer