Summer Wheat x Art For Change

Shallow Water I, 2020


Summer Wheat's pictorial compositions celebrate female energy in life and labor. The Shallow Water series was a part of Wheat's solo exhibition titled Blood Sweat and Tears. The imagery presents a tradition in which women were the original hunters, technologists and artists. Shallow Water I depicts women catching and releasing fish, a symbol of fertility and transformation. Also included in the exhibition were images of female beekeepers, and gardeners. This array of women connected by geometric patterns echoes the psychological space of women supporting each other. They are marching together connecting to creatures from land and water, the subjects demonstrate an inherent link to natural elements and to the intricate depths of the unconscious.

20" x 26.5" (unframed)
Archival Pigment Print
Hand-signed and numbered by Summer Wheat
Limited Edition of 40 with 3 AP