Surface x LAYER

Surface Straws

Limited-quantity; exclusive to Design Dose

Made of durable borosilicate glass, Surface Straws are designed to combat the global plastic waste crisis. They look good too, with a sculptural figure by LAYER's Benjamin Hubert that comes in three functional sizes and a spectrum of playful, translucent shades. 

Sustainable. Sleek. Surface approved.

By The Numbers:

3 straws in various, functional sizes
1 sleek glass case
1 eco-friendly, recyclable packaging tube
500 Surface Straws sets available
38,000 plastic straws used by the average person in the U.S. in their lifetime
200 years it takes for a single plastic straw to decompose
2048 the year scientists predict our oceans will contain more plastic than fish
Infinite and unlimited uses for the glass Surface Straws set