Taylor Kibby

Excavation 7, 2021


Taylor Kibby's intricate, flowing abstract sculptures challenge traditional notions of sculpture and solidity, requiring intensive discipline and precision to create. Her interest in permeable barriers is rooted in their potential to reflect the way objects and people occupy space in the world as well as notions of memory, identity and the unknown.

This piece is built from the ceramic remains of previous work, slowly gathered and saved over the course of months and years. It is layered and complex, the subtle details worth searching for in the sea of broken bits. The inspiration was the desire to work intuitively to tell a story through the broken remains of an object. It was influenced by my love of stone and its ability to weave stories through the movement and formation of its layers, to tell of the passing of time and the path of change and transformation through material.

Kibby lives and works inand Los Angeles, California. She was educated at Bard College Simon’s Rock, Massachusetts before graduating with an MFA in Applied Craft and Design from Pacific Northwest College of Art and Oregon College of Art and Craft. Kibby is known for her intricate, flowing stoneware sculptures, which are molded in interlocking links of a remarkable lightness and delicacy, making them resemble woven chains. 

Stoneware, Sapele, Acrylic
20.5 x 13 x 2.5 in
Currently on view in
Woman Made at Surface Area in the Miami Design District