Tom Dixon

Globe Pendant

Available for pre-order

Task lamps these are not. Tom Dixon’s new Globe Pendants cast luminous, reflective light onto their surroundings with more energy than a disco ball. The spherical orbs, which rely on a light source invisible to the naked eye, can easily transform a room more than a new coat of paint, whether in the daylight or after dark. “We wanted something that’s transparent enough to see through it, yet still reflective,” says Dixon. For the new series of round pendants, he fit hollowed spheres of colored glass and an LED bulb, that, when switched on, reveals a series of infinite internal reflections (à la infinity mirrors). By day, it emits the perfect optical quality derived from the metallization inside the lamp rather than on the outer surface. With these shadow dancers, reflection is playful—magical, even—and intentionally emphasized. “I don’t know why you would avoid reflections!” he quips. 

His studio has a penchant for pure, minimal forms where “the devil is in the details,” pointedly on display in the Globe Pendant. Using an implausibly glossy finish, like the surface of a lake, the London-based designer updates the classic form with two metallic finishes: copper and chrome. The effect suggests that illumination exists without light—as if there were no LED inside. As Dixon notes, “it’s great for an amusing Instagram selfie.” 

3-5 days lead time, permitting it is in stock

Depth: 19.7 in; Width: 19.7 in; Cable Length: 98.4 in 

Polycarbonate, steel, and carbon fiber

By The Numbers:

5.7 lbs in mass
2 Colors: copper; chrome
2 Styles: pendant; floor lamps
240-Volt outlet