The Diffuser


When Julien Pruvost, creative director of Trudon, first considered expanding the illustrious heritage brand’s home fragrance line to include a classic diffuser, he repelled. “It wasn’t an area we anticipated pursuing. At one point, we realized we could design a diffuser that we were proud of both functionally and aesthetically, that would sit nicely next to a Trudon candle.” Acolytes of the world’s oldest candlemaker, which has produced exquisite handmade creations for the likes of Louis XIV, the Palace of Versailles, and Napoléon Bonaparte, will rejoice in the decision. Hewing close to the brand’s original design language, The Diffuser elevates the stellar olfactory collection that includes an elegant suite of room sprays, the decorative La Promeneuse nightlight which melts scented wax cameos, and the unglazed egg-shaped diffuser, L’Œuf, reminiscent of curiosity cabinets of the 18th century. 

Crafted from the same antique green glass as Trudon’s famed candles, the 350ml fluted vessel is fabricated by Tuscan glassmakers using a centrifugation technique. Adorned with the brand’s signature gold emblem and crowned with a recyclable aluminum ring, eight natural black rattan sticks are immersed in one of six available evocative scents: Spiritus Sancti (fresh incense), Josephine (floral bouquet), and Odalisque (a take on Mediterranean flowers) alongside bestsellers Abd El Kader, Ernesto, and Cyrnos. “As much as we encourage rituals and taking time with candles, modernity allows us to find new ways of experiencing fragrance. You should still light a candle in the other room, but The Diffuser welcomes you the moment you open the door,” Pruvost says.     

By The Numbers:

21 components assembled
8 total materials
20% recycled glass
6 scents 
2 countries of fabrication: France and Italy
378 years since Trudon’s founding