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Artifice Press

'Place and Space: Montalba Architects'


In Place and Space (Artifice Press), Swiss-American architect David Montalba’s humanistic ideals about space are on full display. Through a survey of his eponymous firm’s projects, from rural landscapes in Switzerland to the dense urban environments of Los Angeles and New York, and conversations with creative minds such as film director Zack Snyder, landscape designer Andrea Cochran, and artist Andy Denzler, readers get a comprehensive look at Montalba’s philosophy of paring down that reduces stylistic elements to their fundamental essence. A foreword by fellow architect and mentor, Larry Scarpa, along with extensive drawings and photography and an essay by veteran design journalist Jonathan Bell further highlights the studio’s values—volumetric landscapes, material integrity, sculpted light, transitional space, and pure spatial volumes—showcased across its portfolio spanning residential, commercial, hospitality, urban, and retail. In many ways, Place and Space is also a biography of sorts. Flipping through its 240 pages, it becomes clear the DNA of Los Angeles and Lausanne is as foundational to Montalba's work as it is to him.

About Montalba Architects: Based in Santa Monica, California, David Montalba’s history includes over 26 years of professional practice with architectural firms in the United States and Europe before founding his eponymous studio in 2004. As told throughout the pages of Place and Space, Montalba Architects has since firmly established itself as a leading international firm, supported by a team of architects, designers and professionals across two offices in Los Angeles, California and Lausanne, Switzerland. Their award-winning projects span residential, retail, commercial, hospitality and urban design on a global scale including their longstanding partnership with Nobu, the multi-award-winning Santa Monica Headquarters for Headspace, The Row’s iconic retail flagship on Melrose Place and innovative residential projects like 2020’s Vertical Courtyard House, which recently won an AIA Residential Design Award.