India Mahdavi: Achromia


Whether a vibrant pink-hued restaurant or a sprout-green tea room, vivid color defines everything...

Uncanny Interiors

New York

This group exhibition presents how 14 artists render uncanny depictions of interior space in their...

The Lebanese House: Saving a Home, Saving a City


In the wake of the 2020 Beirut explosion, which killed 200 and left 300,000 homeless, buildings old

Yuri Suzuki: Sonic Bloom


Universal communication takes on a contorted floral form in Yuri Suzuki’s latest installation. On

Cambio: On Finnish Forestry


The timber industry is easily one of the world’s largest in terms of revenue and impact on...

Magellan: An Art and Design Show


Throughout the summer, architect Huib Hoste’s imposing Belgian modernist hallmark will play host...

Simon Hantaï: The Centenary Exhibition


Known for his kaleidoscopic paintings inspired by Jackson Pollock and other Abstract...

The Lightness of Being

New York

Five stellar ceramicists are the focus of this group exhibition at Lisa Perry’s newly opened Onna

Material Alchemy, Part II


Exploring the Italian Arte Povera movement’s resounding influence on art and design, the latest...

Tom Sachs: Furniture


Taking over the first floor of the Stony Island Arts Bank, a formerly abandoned bank on the South...

Louis Vuitton: 200 Trunks, 200 Visionaries


The French maison enlisted 200 visionaries—spanning the likes of Gaetano Pesce, Gloria Steinem,...