“Kalief Browder: The Box” by Coby Kennedy


Addressing the inhumanity of the U.S. prison system, “The Box” pays homage to the strength of...

The Church: Road Rage

New York

“Our relationship to cars is massively complex,” says Sarah Cochran, executive director and...

Jillian Mayer: Timeshare

North Carolina

An intimate look at the imminent environmental apocalypse, Jillian Mayer’s fiberglass, ceramic,...

Ernesto Neto: SunForceOceanLife


Transforming the museum’s Cullinan Hall into a meandering walkway is the Brazilian artist’s...

Ajarb Bernard Ategwa: Kwata Saloon


Focusing on hairstyling as a source of social connection, the Cameroonian artist’s latest batch...

Ridiculous Sublime

New York

In 1757, Edmund Burke defined “sublime” as an artistic effect productive of the strongest...

Studiopepe: Synaesthesia


The Milanese studio founded by Arianna Lelli Mami and Chiara Di Pinto has always paid close...

Mel Kendrick: Seeing Things in Things


Since the 1970s, Mel Kendrick has been pushing the limits of sculpture by breaking shit apart and...

Nam June Paik


In 1974, with the West glued to its TVs, Nam June Paik envisioned a world where an “electronic...

Chicago Comics: 1960s to Now


For more than a century, Chicago has nurtured a community of preeminent cartoonists, many of whom...

Deana Lawson: Centropy

New York

The first photographer to receive the biennial Hugo Boss Prize often centers Black men and women in

Jos Devriendt: Passage

New York

Inspired by the behind-the-scenes, the transitional, and the creative process, Demisch Danant teams