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“In the Beginning” Silk Scarf

The original design that paved the way for Poemet’s range of silk scarves inspired by the human body, “In the Beginning” illustrates a kaleidoscopic view of cell cultures rendered in hues of lilac, beige, navy, and charcoal. The brand’s founder, New York graphic designer Michal Lifshitz, devises each hand- and computer-illustrated pattern and digitally prints them on 100 percent silk twill in the United Kingdom. 

Dimensions: 39.5×39.5 inches

About the Brand: Inspired by evolutionary processes in the human body, Poemet’s Hebrew meaning is ‘the heartbeat of a woman’ and its English meaning is ‘a short poem’. The brand is built on the belief that our experiences are what makes us interesting and unique; ‘Your Life Experiences are Poetry in Motion’ is Poemet’s motto.