The Good Publishing Company

GPC Bible, Hand Lettering by HAZE


Can the Holy Bible be cool? In the hands of The Good Publishing Company (GPC), the answer is a resounding yes. The best-selling book in history has been given a heavenly makeover by a team of artists, pastors, and designers who turned Christianity’s holy scripture into a work of art. Feeling a need to update the typesetting and aesthetic, co-founder Jon Buscemi tasked New York City graffiti and graphic design artist Eric Haze with hand-lettering all 66 books, from Genesis to Revelation, in a handsomely written, gold-foil translation that doesn’t compromise the ancient relic’s timeless words. 

Each of the 1,008 pages was printed on recycled Italian paper in two tones, one for each testament; the place-holding grosgrain ribbons were hand-dyed and custom cut to resemble elegant woven fabric dating back to the 17th century. Even the packaging nods to contemporary life—what would a new purchase be without a dramatic unboxing? Crafted from refined fiber and chlorine-free recycled kraft paper, the red-cross T-wrap encasing unfurls to reveal the John 6:20 verse “Don’t Be Afraid” scrawled in Haze’s street art calligraphy—it’s a YouTube hit in the making.   

The end result is a bright crimson rendition of The Good Book meant to provoke new conversations about faith and modern culture, though the choice of the New International Version translation pays tribute to the earliest manuscripts available to scholars. “As an Italian designer, I’ve always been passionate about improving what already exists to provide a more engaging and aesthetically pleasing experience,” says Buscemi. “If I can take an artisanal approach with shoes, leather goods, and other high-quality products, why can’t I treat the Holy Bible with the same design spirit and craftsmanship?” We think King James would approve. 

A portion of all sales is donated to Compassion International.

By The Numbers:

A limited run of first editions printed:
34,684 pounds of paper used for the Old Testament 
14,262 pounds of paper used for the New Testament
3,240 feet of white foil used for the Cross
5,300 feet of gold foil used for the covers and dividers
1,008 pages
100% recycled material
186 C PANTONE red cover