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Opening Shot: A Landmark Property in London Shows Off a Fresh Look

Mayfair district mainstay The Dorchester undergoes a long-awaited interior renovation, and with it,

This Is What Happens When You Give New York’s Best Bartenders a Light Switch and Tell Them to Invent a Cocktail

These high-concept drinks are objets d’art in their own right.

Double Shot

The mezcal- and sherry-focused Jettison occupies a clandestine space in the back of Houndstooth.

The Heir To P. J. Clarke’s and Corner Bistro

The spirit of classic New York pervades the West Village newcomer, The Spaniard.

Bar Cart
Armory Week Cocktails

Blacktail barman Jesse Vida shares three cocktails to seek out after the art fairs.

Amsterdam’s Energetic, Paint-Splattered Cocktail Bar

Bar Basquiat is inspired by the legendary New York City painter, from the bright colors to the...