#paola-navone Stories

Opening Shot
Michael Schwartz Moves into a Paola Navone-Designed Space in Miami

Floridian flavors with Southeast Asian influences take center stage at Traymore, inside the Art...

10 Unforgettable Surface Moments

Our outgoing editor-in-chief, Spencer Bailey, fondly recalls some of his most life-changing...

The Looks of Salone 2017: Stylish, by Design

A few memorable looks that Surface captured throughout Milan Design Week.

Best of Salone 2017: Part One

The people, places, and things that made an impression at Milan Design Week.

Exclusive: At Home With Paola Navone

The Italian designer lives by the Thai concept of tham ma da, exalting the everyday.

Paola Navone’s Perfect Imperfection

Italian designer Paola Navone brings her “tham ma da” touch to a major Hong Kong renovation.