#studio-drift Stories

Hate Touching Grass? Try These Artworks Instead

A new exhibition about biophilia at the Denver Art Museum proves there’s an abundance of ways to...

New York City Ballet Takes a Modern Turn

Following the fall premiere of Surface cover star Solange Knowles and Gianna Reisen’s acclaimed...

A Look Inside Surface Area, Our Curated Showroom in the Miami Design District

A dandelion lamp by Studio Drift, ROOM's Wes Anderson–inspired phone booth, an oil lamp slash...

Surface x Nespresso Café Talks

Whether it be through innovation or awareness, the creative community continues to sit on the...

Superblue Is Coming to New York and London in the Fall

Following the recent opening of its permanent space in Miami, the experiential art venture plans to

At Superblue, Mind-Bending Meditations on the World Around Us

The long-awaited experiential art center opens in Miami with immersive displays by Es Devlin, James

At the Opera, Studio Drift’s Intricate Woven Sculpture Morphs With the Drama

The Dutch firm created the centerpiece for a new Dutch production of Monteverdi’s...

Studio Drift Illuminates Our Memory of Apollo 11

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11, NASA commissioned Studio Drift to bring a one-off...

An Ex-Military Base Turned Hotel is The Netherlands’s New Creative Hub

In the design capital of Eindhoven, Kazerne blurs the line between gallery and hospitality concept.

Studio Drift Isn’t Afraid to Ask Really Big Questions

Designers Lonneke Gordijn and Ralph Nauta founded their Amsterdam-based design studio as a way to...