In Conversation: Diana Widmaier Picasso, Craig Robins, and Ximena Caminos

Visitors convened at the Faena Art Time Capsule for Surface’s final talk of Miami Art Week 2016.

For Surface’s final talk of Miami Art Week, digital director William Hanley moderated a conversation with art historian Diana Widmaier Picasso, developer Craig Robins, and Faena Art director Ximena Caminos. The event took place in the Faena Art Dome, a pop-up venue on the beach.

Picasso discussed her penchant for erotic art, citing “Desire,” an exhibition she curated for the Gagosian and Jeffrey Deitch. “It was an opportunity to explore what the subject means today and how it resonates in day in artists’ work,” she said. When asked about the future of Miami, her answer was simple: “Let’s entertain.”

Robins also touched on his vision for the city.  “It’s all about building on a sense of place. I’ve always seen the Design District as Miami’s creative laboratory,” he said. Offering admiration for Caminos and the Faena District, he joked, “If you have the word district, you’re really cool.”

Caminos also drew parallels to the two projects. “We are revitalizing the same thing that Craig is doing with the Design District: more art and architecture … For us, it’s all about the cross-pollination of ideas.” Later, she voiced her desire to raise the status quo for quality content. “There’s a content crisis in the world. A lot of resources but good content is scarce,” she said.

Surface Conversation 5
Surface Conversation
Surface Conversation

Craig Robins, Ximena Caminos, William Hanley
Surface Conversation

William Hanley, Diana Widmaier Picasso
Surface Conversation

Olivia Speer, Diana Widmaier Picasso, Laure de Clermont Tonnerre
Surface Conversation

Carlos Betancourt, Ximena Caminos, Marina Vramapoulou
Surface Conversation

William Hanley, Diana Widmaier Picasso, Craig Robins, Ximena Caminos

(Photos: Samantha Nandez/

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