Jen Stark’s Psychedelic Visuals Now Adorn Armitron Watches

A series of six digital and analog watches and two Apple Watch bands are bursting with Stark’s signature melting rainbows and jagged grayscale motifs.

Armitron has been in the business of making stylish conversation starters that also double as timekeepers for nearly 50 years. The makers of “America’s Watch,” the brand has been at the forefront since 1975, carefully curating collections that embody the national zeitgeist. With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the simultaneous tentative return to the workplace, Armitron picked up on our collective need for something maximalist and fun to lift people’s spirits and give them something to talk about with IRL colleagues.

For that they turned to L.A.–based artist Jen Stark, who rose to stardom for designing the backdrop to Miley Cyrus’s 2015 VMA performance and recently added more dates to her immersive experience show, “Cascade,” at Brooklyn’s The William Vale. Stark’s whimsical use of color and eye-catching geometries feels like the natural, 21st-century evolution of a style started by Peter Max in the 1960s and carried on by Lisa Frank in the ‘90s.  

The Jen Stark x Armitron limited-edition collection serves as the ultimate combination of past and present influences coalescing to create something both of its time and trend-setting. Besides smart, digital, and analog timekeeping options, buyers can also choose between silicone bands designed by Stark or classic metal mesh bands that come in gold, silver, or black with an accompanying Stark-designed watch face. Best of all, the collaboration stays true to Armitron’s promise to offer high-quality, high-style products at approachable price points, with the most expensive option topping out at $95.

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