Auvere Brings Rubies and Diamonds Into the Mix

Known for its range of high karat gold pieces, the New York jewelry purveyor is making a foray into exquisite colored gemstones.

“High-quality materials are the foundation of beautiful things,” says Gina Love. The co-founder and force behind Auvere, an emerging New York brand that offers high karat gold jewelry in its purest form, has been busy carving out her next creative chapter. Though a young enterprise, the two-year-old jewelry purveyor has so far shown a striking creative range. Auvere’s offerings, all sculpted by master artisans using 22 and 24 karat gold, run the gamut from planetary-inspired hoop earrings to geometric necklaces that pay homage to the ancient Greek mathematician Arignote. Now, Auvere is charting new territory by adorning its wide range of investment-grade gold offerings with colored gemstones and diamonds.

The idea came to Love following trips to the museums of Istanbul and to the markets of Jaipur. “I traveled to Jaipur with Steven [Feldman, co-founder] to spend time with our artisans and refine the process,” says Love, who immediately felt an affinity toward the city’s abundant rubies. “I bought a ring with a large ruby in it, which made me want to add colored stones to our gold pieces.” Thus birthed the ruby-adorned Byzantium Ring, which captures the ancient Byzantine Empire’s intrepid yet refined spirit through its masterful design and construction. Containing around 23 grams of 24 karat gold, Byzantium’s standout feature is the five smooth cabochon rubies that cast a fluorescent red color and evoke regal adornments. It’s Auvere’s most ambitious offering yet.

Love says that more experimental pieces are on the way. “We’ll definitely use other gemstones in the future—a mix of diamonds and colored gemstones,” she says, describing the upcoming pieces as larger and more dramatic. “This expands our reach to those who love high karat gold, the sparkle of diamonds, and the drama of colored gemstones.”


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