Auvere’s Scribe Collection Celebrates Universal Love

The purveyor of high-karat gold jewelry ascribes feelings of deep affection to a shimmering line of necklaces, bracelets, and pendants.

Scribe Collection by Auvere

“I wanted to create a collection using words,” says Gina Love, designer and co-founder of Auvere, a fine jewelry line that offers modern high-karat gold pieces admired for their craftsmanship and purity. “Words are important, and never more so than today.” Thus, the Scribe collection was born—it’s a set of necklaces, bracelets, and pendants bearing either the phrase “love is love” or “love first.” The lineup, which debuted in July, adds some statement pieces to the Auvere roster, including chunky medallions and shimmering chains. For Love, they feel more personal; even the script necklaces and bracelets bear her own handwriting. 

Before you ask, the collection isn’t a cheeky homage to its creator’s last name. Rather, Love’s husband Steven Feldman, who is also Auvere’s co-founder, inspired their poetic designs. In a letter to her husband F. Scott Fitzgerald, Love explains, the socialite Zelda Fitzgerald once penned the boldly romantic sentiment, “I wanted to love first, and live… incidentally.” Feldman referenced this quote in a note to Love when the couple first began dating, and it remains their philosophy years later. 

Love First polished bracelet
Love is Love medallion necklace

Love thinks that many can relate—even those not running a successful business with their romantic partner. It’s a universal feeling that deserves celebration, she explains, hoping that clients will attach their own personal meanings to the jewelry. She also plans to expand the collection to include other inspirational words, but knows that a strong foundation exists with the current Scribe offerings. As she says, “The love that we offer each other as human beings is precious, and should be cherished and nurtured no matter who you are, how you identify yourself, or how you are identified by others.”

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