The Best of 2017

A look back at the year’s most-read stories, top new furniture and objects, most exciting fashion collaborations, and the best-designed hotels, bars, restaurants, stores, and more.

Before we close the book on 2017, we took a quick detour down memory lane to look at the year in design.

The Most Popular Stories of 2017

These 10 articles captured your attention this year, from our exclusive first look at Kanye West’s Calabasas Collection to a survey of hospitality’s latest trend: reclaimed motels. Read more »

The Best Home Furnishings of 2017

From a high-and-low-pile rug to a wool-and-cashmere upholstered chair, the most memorable new pieces from the past 12 months spoke to both comfort and style. Read more »

The Best New Design Hotels of 2017

The 10 most stunning new properties around the world, from a five-room boutique in the countryside outside Cape Town to an audacious 250-plus-key stay in London, and beyond. Read more »

Best New Restaurant and Bar Design of 2017

These 15 new venues, from San Francisco to St. Moritz, New York to Athens, set the bar even higher for what a dining and drinking experience can be. Read more »

The Best-Designed Stores of 2017

These 15 retail destinations around the world prove that shopping can be about far more than simply selling a product. Read more »

Best Designer Collaborations of 2017

Fashion houses, accessories brands, and watchmakers pushed their wares into new territories thanks to ingenious, out-of-the-box partnerships. Read more »

2017 in 7 Buildings

From the overexposed to the overlooked, these buildings—and one curious structural sculpture—embody the forms and ideas that shaped the year in architecture.
Read more »

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