In a Modernist Gem, the World’s Largest Hästens Bed Sprawls Out

The Swedish sleep aficionados unveil their largest bed to date, a 14-foot-wide circular 2000T mattress that anchors a communal room in Joshua Tree National Park’s landmark Doolittle House.

Photography by David Sahlberg

In the 1980s, the architect and Frank Lloyd Wright disciple Kendrick Bangs Kellogg completed the Doolittle House, a 4,643-square-foot masterpiece in the desert of Joshua Tree, California. Designed for the artist Bev Doolittle, the sinuous structure sports sandy-hued stone spines and sweeping forms that have drawn comparisons to both arachnids and UFOs, while embodying the principles of organic, sustainable architecture that define Kellogg’s career. 

Kellogg originally added an infinity pool in one of the home’s largest rooms where guests could soak up picturesque views of the desert. The home’s new owners and their interior designer John Vugrin, who weren’t quite satisfied with the intervention and wanted more sleeping space without disrupting Kellogg’s vision, replaced it with a massive 14-foot-wide circular bed that offers a more communal ambience. They turned to Hästens, the Swedish heritage brand known for ultra high-end sleep systems hand-crafted by master artisans at their “dream factory” in the sleepy (no pun intended) village of Köping. Over six months, they created the largest-ever Hästens 2000T bed, which uses all-natural materials, is attached to an African mahogany wooden frame, and whose shape echoes Kellogg’s curvaceous architecture.

Photography courtesy Hästens

“With Hästens being the final and permanent piece of the house, it allows for the Doolittle home’s undulating volumes to fulfill its aesthetic and philosophical mission of being completely in sync with the world,” says Hästens partner Carl Larsson. “The bed marks a milestone for the home, but also a window into a future where the sublime and sustainable come together to form a new horizon of living in peace and in sync with one’s surroundings and the miraculous cycles of our own nature.”

Though Hästens has been around since the mid-19th century, the company has recently enjoyed a rising profile thanks to cross-culture collaborations uncharacteristic of run-of-the-mill mattress brands. Earlier this year, Hästens teamed with streetwear giant Supreme on a monogrammed mattress. Hästens is also Drake’s bed brand of choice; in his lavish $100 million Toronto mansion spotlighted in AD, the Champagne Papi revealed that he sleeps on a $400,000 custom set-up designed in tandem with Ferris Rafauli that’s meticulously hand-crafted with wool, cotton, and horsehair, and kitted out with check-pattern unbuckle and gold brass detailing. 

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