Brizo's Levoir Collection Fuses Past and Present

The collection abounds with historical references yet feels right at home in the bathrooms of tomorrow.

The collection abounds with historical references yet feels right at home in the bathrooms of tomorrow.

Creating a cohesive vision from divergent design styles isn’t always easy, especially when it comes to rethinking your bathroom. The clean-lined minimalism of modern-day fittings doesn’t always mesh well with yesterday’s outlandish trends (think weathered copper; baked tiles). Bridging the gap often requires a statement piece to tie the concept together.

BRIZO’s Levoir collection checks all these boxes, and then some. The newly released range of showerheads, handles, and faucets seamlessly mixes classic British automotive design with Space Age sleek. Celine Garland, Brizo’s lead industrial designer, selected each component to convey timeless sophistication. “From the curves of the chamfered edges to the intersecting planes of the cross handle, the lines form a simple and elegant silhouette,” she says, further noting that the collection abounds with historical references while feeling right at home in the bathrooms of tomorrow.

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Levoir’s finishes get the job done, too. Luxe Gold suggests Victorian by way of the 21st century, while Polished Nickel signals a midcentury revival. The motif plays out particularly well in the floor-mounted brass tub filler, whose sleekly tapered base evokes Gilded Age brass appliances. Ditto for the pylon-shape attached hand shower, whose style is unmistakably sci-fi.

Just as welcome are the collection’s state-of-the-art bones: H2Okinetic technology controls the water movement, speed, and droplet size; the EPA-approved WaterSense faucets satisfy the sustainability factor; and the valve handles’ neodymium rare-earth magnets make installation a breeze. It’s inclusive, smart, and exactly what’s needed to tie together a poured-concrete sink with a set of aging wood-framed windows.



(Photos: Courtesy Brizo)

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