Brizo’s Superior, Stylish Fixtures as Works of Art

Surface reimagines Brizo fittings in scenes inspired by classic art movements.

Surrealism: Fittings from Brizo’s Invari Bath Collection command this dreamlike scene of sand, rock, and water. Below a twisted mirror, the Widespread Lavatory Faucet with Column Spout and Black Crystal Knob Handles, in polished chrome, sits atop a curious black waterfall. Invari Slide Bar Shower Arm and H2Okinetic Round Multi-Function Showerhead, also in polished chrome, is affixed to a boulder nearby.

Art is a way of learning about ourselves. In making art, practitioners reveal profound, important truths about human creativity; the most honest efforts, demonstrated by masterpieces and formal moments in the art historical canon, shape our culture and our lives. 

Like a work of art, the kitchen and bathroom fixtures produced by the Indianapolis-based brand Brizo are at once timeless and timely. Skillfully crafted from superior materials into elegant, distinctive shapes, its luxury fittings stand apart for their connection to detail and enduring ability to inspire. Presented in singular collections, the faucet designs exude a fundamental understanding of how art influences everyday activities: They transcend the spaces they inhabit, contributing to a lifestyle defined by excellence and style. Each piece embodies Brizo’s audacious spirit, typified in initiatives including its commitment to sustainability and thriving yet unexpected partnership with fashion designer Jason Wu

Pop: Poised and pared-down, the Matte Black Odin Kitchen Faucet suits a Pop-themed dining area perfectly. Secured to a retro glass-brick island, the fixture acts as a focal point in a simple, sensational room with a view. (RIGHT) Impressionism: Evocative of an early 20th-century aesthetic, the Polished Chrome Articulating Bridge Faucet from Brizo’s Rook Kitchen Collection captures the ethereal light of the sprawling meadow beyond. Its classic yet functional shape complements a tranquil scene marked by natural light, color, and soft lines. 

Captivated by the artful innovation that goes into every Brizo product, Surface commissioned New York–based artist Rebecca Lee to visualize a selection of the brand’s fittings within the context of three art movements: Surrealism, Pop, and Impressionism. In each image, the fixtures simultaneously stand apart and complete the environment with unmistakable flair. From a polished chrome shower arm and faucet from the Invari Bath Collection nestled into a Dalí-inspired landscape, to a minimalist matte black faucet from the Odin Kitchen Collection anchoring a Warhol-esque dining nook, the dreamscapes demonstrate each piece’s ability to complete any space, real or imagined. 

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