The Carbuncle Cup Crowns the U.K.’s Ugliest Building, and Other News

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The redevelopment of Lime Street in Liverpool by Broadway Malyan. Photography by Barnabas Calder

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In Liverpool, a “hideous” redevelopment snags the Carbuncle Cup for bad architecture.

The Lime Street redevelopment in Liverpool, designed by Broadway Malyan, has been deemed the worst new building in the UK’s 2024 Carbuncle Cup. The architectural competition criticized the structure for replacing historic buildings, including the beloved Futurist cinema, with an uninspired facade adorned with etched metal panels depicting the demolished structures. Judges also highlighted the project’s aesthetic shortcomings and its negative impact on the urban environment, marking it as a symbol of Britain’s architectural decline.

Moreau Kusunoki and Frida Escobedo win the competition to renovate Centre Pompidou.

Moreau Kusunoki and Frida Escobedo have won the competition to renovate the Centre Pompidou, preserving the structure by Renzo Piano and Richard Rogers while revitalizing it with an eco-conscious approach. Over five years, the project aims to transform existing spaces into dynamic cultural venues, emphasizing fluidity and accessibility throughout the complex. Key enhancements include the rehabilitation of Atelier Brancusi, expansion of the Agora for diverse cultural activities, and creation of a New Generation Pole for intergenerational artistic engagement, all designed to integrate seamlessly with Parisian urban life.

The Chez L’Ami Louis team outside the restaurant. Image courtesy of LVMH

LVMH acquires Parisian bistrot Chez L’Ami Louis, known for huge portions and prices.

LVMH has acquired Chez L’Ami Louis, the Parisian bistrot known for its rich history and generous French cuisine that has attracted famous patrons like Marlene Dietrich and Jacques Chirac. As the restaurant celebrates its centenary this year, LVMH plans to maintain its charm and culinary traditions, emphasizing its commitment to preserving local expertise and quality ingredients sourced from long-standing suppliers. This acquisition aligns with LVMH’s strategy to expand its hospitality portfolio, which includes brands like Belmond and initiatives such as enhancing the Orient Express brand with new trains, sailing ships, and hotels worldwide.

Environmental protestors splash orange paint on Stonehenge, prompting an outcry.

Environmental protesters vandalized Stonehenge with orange paint ahead of summer solstice celebrations, leading to the arrest of two people. English Heritage, which manages the site, expressed dismay over the damage and is assessing its extent while confirming the site remains open to visitors. The incident has sparked controversy and condemnation from Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, highlighting ongoing tensions over environmental activism, particularly by groups like Just Stop Oil, known for their disruptive protests against fossil fuel use.

Autodesk pledges $5 million to help fund Howard University’s Design and Make lab.

Autodesk has pledged a historic $5 million donation to Howard University’s College of Engineering and Architecture, aimed at supporting a new Design and Make lab equipped with cutting-edge software and technology. This initiative, the largest gift in the CEA’s history, reflects Howard’s commitment to fostering STEM careers through hands-on programs like A World in Motion. Howard University President Ben Vinson III spoke about the importance of preparing students with up-to-date resources amidst increasing competition for tech jobs and growing demand for AI skills. Additionally, Autodesk has also committed $5 million to establish the Autodesk Technology Engagement Center at California State University, Northridge.

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