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Yoga, Tea, and Fine Design, Today's Cannabis Shops Offer More Than Bongs and Buds

CBD and marijuana retailers have turned from hocking papers and pipes to offering complete lifestyles in beautiful, multipurpose spaces.

Photo courtesy Standard Dose

Cannabis in its many forms is nearing ubiquity, but now it’s beginning to branch off into curious and unexpected directions. A burgeoning set of retailers are putting forward well-designed, multi-hyphenate spaces that veer into the center of the Venn diagram with wellness and spirituality, even fashion and media.

Photo courtesy Burb

Burb, Vancouver

No mere head shop, Burb embodies a complete “cannabis lifestyle culture.” The brand ventures beyond natural medications to offer a collection of streetwear, and accessories. (A “smell-proof” pouch, for example, lets wearers transport goodies under the radar.) If branded streetwear and a neutral-toned 3,700-square-foot flagship aren’t enough to fill that leaf-size hole in your heart, the brand also records a podcast, Light Culture, created Burb content strategist David Hershkovits. “We’re big on making people feel something when they see the brand, buy the clothes, and tune in,” says co-founder John Kaye, who notes the brand’s goal is to offer “the lifestyle of smoking weed without being the stereotypical stoner.” shopburb.com.

Photo courtesy Standard Dose

Standard Dose, New York City

The team behind this three-story emporium, notable for its luscious pink interiors, has created an oasis of calm within the bustle of NoMad, Manhattan. Founder Anthony Saniger enlisted an A-team of specialists to guide clientele through a range of curated CBD products with the goal to educate, medicate, and balance. Saniger’s mission is to “help people who are having issues with sleep, pain, anxiety, and stress.” To that end, Standard Dose offers a tea room with a sleek concrete counter, a sunlight-drenched meditation studio, and a rooftop garden that hosts yoga classesstandarddose.com

Photo courtesy Dosist

Dosist, California

Dosist, Greek for “dose,” takes its name quite literally; the brand specializes in cannabis vaporizer pens that always deliver precise 2.25 milligram hits of carefully crafted formulas engineered to bliss, sleep, calm, relief, and passion, among other moods. Physical stores, currently in California, reflect this clinical approach with clean-cut interiors awash in a pristine white. An array of recyclable vape pens reflects this stark minimalism, almost reminiscent of Apple product design. Dosist positions cannabis as less a calming indulgence than the basis for a family of medical treatments for issues that are normally addressed with pills rather than natural remediesdosist.com

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