Okeanos Aquascaping's Elevate Terrarium Is Next Level

New from Okeanos Aquascaping, this terrarium is as limitless as your imagination.

Life provides its share of dreary settings—cubicles, boiler closets, windowless basements—and it can be a struggle to liven them up. A new compact terrarium from specialty design firm Okeanos Aquascaping is an easy fix. It’s a smaller-than-usual development for Okeanos, an outfit based in New York that is known for creating dramatic aquatic environments on an architectural scale (for instance, it counts the city’s largest indoor koi pond among its many achievements). “After working in the custom field for more than a decade, we decided to expand to readymade aquariums and terrariums that compliment the residential and commercial projects we are accustomed to,” says colead designer Martin Schapira. “People expressed a need for something that doesn’t look like it was purchased at a local pet shop.” The terrarium is named Elevate for the effect that its shape—a perfect cube—appears to have on its contents, from flora to fauna and beyond.

(Photo: Courtesy Okeanos Aquascaping)

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