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The Google Glass in its packaging. (Photo: Flickr)

Fail Fast

Sweden’s new Museum of Failure displays a collection of ill-fated products, from the once-promising Google Glass to the tone-deaf Bic for Her pen.
[The New York Times]

Saltz on Solemnity

Jerry Saltz recounts the experience of Glenn O’Brien’s funeral, where he reunited with “a kind of ragtag cross-generational School of Athens of the New York avant-garde.”

Muji Goes Mini

Everything is better in miniature. For $27,000, a Muji-branded tiny house could be yours.

Closing up Shop

According to Bloomberg, the long-heralded retail apocalypse is finally here.

Sixth Scents

Goop is opening a pop-up, full of “clairvoyant” and “homeopathic” perfumes. Be very afraid.

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