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A sculpture by Henry Moore, whose work will be on display at Burberry's upcoming show. (Photo: Greywolf, courtesy of The Royal Parks)

Moore Like It

Burberry’s upcoming London Fashion Week show will take place among more than 40 sculptures by British artist Henry Moore. “Looking at, and thinking about, [Moore’s] work set up a series of conversations as we began working on our latest collection,” said Christopher Bailey, the brand’s CCO and CEO.

Living Smart

The city of Denver is partnering with Panasonic to develop a high-tech neighborhood, which will include self-driving buses, smart homes, and solar power. The 400-acre project will break ground in March.

Mind the Gap

A new U.K. architecture survey shows that the income gap between male and female partners has widened by more than $52,000 in the past two years. And although female architects are reporting less sexual discrimination, 32 percent had still experienced it last year.
[The Architect’s Journal]

Fast Cash

Hans Haacke has won this year’s $150,000 Roswitha Haftmann prize, Europe’s largest cash art award. Haacke is best known for using art as a means of institutional critique, often using museum exhibitions to expose the flaws and politics of the institution itself.

Jumping Ship

According to a recent survey, Brexit has prompted 40 percent of E.U. architects currently working in the U.K. to consider leaving. In addition, 61 percent of all U.K. architects have seen projects stalled, and 37 percent have had projects canceled.
[Building Design]

Leaving New York

Cynthia Rowley will show her fall collection in China, instead of presenting it in New York, as usual. This move indicates that China is becoming a key market for fashion brands.

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