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Robot arms work on a BMW car. (Photo: Wikimedia)

Rise of the Robots

Two top economists have published a paper that predicts an increase in jobs lost to automation, as well as a lack of new employment to compensate. As recently as last year, the pair had been optimistic about the effects of technology, but the data they found while researching this paper lead them to other conclusions. “If you’ve worked in Detroit for 10 years, you don’t have the skills to go into health care,” said MIT professor Daron Acemoglu, one of the paper’s authors. “The market economy is not going to create the jobs by itself for these workers who are bearing the brunt of the change.”
[The New York Times]

Julian Stanczak, “Forming in Four Reds,” (1993-1994). (Photo: Flickr)

Julian Stanczak, 1928-2017

Painter Julian Stanczak, a leading artist in the Op Art movement, has died at age 88. His work was often interpreted through his personal narrative. As a youth, he was forced into a WWII labor camp in Siberia, which lead to the loss of motility in his right arm. He went on to study under Josef Albers at Yale, gaining an appreciation of color theory and geometry.

A rendering of DROR’s proposed park. (Photo: Courtesy DROR, via Archdaily)

A Walk in the Park

New York-based studio Dror has unveiled a radical proposal for a park in Istanbul, which includes large ball pits, suspended trampolines, swings, and hammocks. The firm believes that the design illustrates “a love story between people and nature.”

Remote Control

A new exhibition at the Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media in Japan allows internet users to move the objects on view, which include a Roomba, a traffic cone, and a statue. “Against the backdrop of the age of IoT, where all kinds of things are connected through networks, and artificial intelligence is about to mature, this work observes the new relationships that emerge when inorganic, nonautonomous objects transform into persons that act and perceive the world according to their own intentions,” the show’s description reads.
[The Verge]

Looks from Nina Ricci’s fall/winter 2017 collection. (Photos: Yannis Vlamos /, via Vogue Runway)

Parting with Puig

Ralph Toledano has unexpectedly left his post as president of luxury conglomerate Puig’s fashion division, and as the chief executive of its subsidiaries Nina Ricci and Jean Paul Gaultier. This is the latest in a series of executive departures, including business leaders at Burberry, Céline, Ralph Lauren, and three-quarters of the brands under parent company Kering.
[The New York Times]

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