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The co-living industry’s success has lead to the growth of such spaces. (Photo: Flickr)

Peak Amenity

Classes with master chefs, boat valets, and access to social media influencers: New York’s real estate amenities, many of them for co-living spaces, have jumped the shark.

Too Close for Comfort

PayPal is suing Pandora for copying its logo, proving there are only so many ways you can make a blue “P.”

One-Track Mind

While New York’s Mayor Bill de Blasio aims to promote a variety of smaller, underserved arts institutions, the city’s former mayor Michael Bloomberg is putting his eggs—$75 million worth of them—in a single basket.
[The New York Times]

Contraband Construction

Turns out, even architectural renderings are vulnerable to leaks.

Ship Mates

Artists can now commune with the ghosts of Maya Angelou, Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg, and Agnès Varda on the boat that once hosted them.

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