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Zaha Hadid's Galaxy SoHo building. (Photo: Iwan Baan)

In Memoriam

Google honors architect Zaha Hadid with a charming Doodle.
[The Telegraph]

Safety Net

Good news, designers: there’s only an 8.2 percent chance that a robot will take your job.

Robo Shop

Introducing bots, the new way to buy Supreme’s limited-edition collections.

Durant Deconstructed

Following a public outcry, “Scaffold,” a Sam Durant artwork that contains replicas of seven famous gallows, will be removed from the soon-to-open Minneapolis Sculpture Garden.
[The New York Times]

Circling the Chain

H&M, Gucci, Balenciaga, and many others agree to use circular materials, which can be recycled and reused.

Tiger by the Ale

Artists Nick Gentry, Tran Nguyen, and Hua Tunan teamed up with Tiger Beer to raise awareness for the dwindling tiger population.
[Tiger Beer]

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