Salone 2017: Overheard in Milan

Snippets of talks and conversations during last week’s festivities that stuck with us.

Everyone seems to be running everywhere. I feel like this entire week should be sponsored by Nike.

Design Miami‘s Rodman Primack, while introducing the winners of the Swarovski Designs of the Future Award at Ristorante Giacomo Arengario.


I could never be with a man who thinks he draws very well, whereas he doesn’t.

Inga Sempé, over breakfast at Café Trussardi. (Look out for a drawing by the Paris-based designer in Surface’s May 2017 issue Sketchbook column.)

  Above: A woman passing through the courtyard outside Atelier Biagetti

This isn’t style week; it’s design week.

Marcel Wanders, during a talk with Gentle Monster VP Taye Yun and Surface editor-in-chief Spencer Bailey at the Moooi space on Via Savona.

Above: Gentle Monster’s Taye Yun, Surface editor-in-chief Spencer Bailey, and Marcel Wanders.

There was big money in buggy whips 130 years ago.

—A Lexus executive, at the Lexus Design Award press dinner.

Take a close look at this building. Soon it will be torn down to build a hotel.

—Piero Lissoni, during a toast at a dinner celebrating the forthcoming Edition Hotel in Milan.

Above: The crush outside the Moooi space.

Every company that’s good to work with—it’s the people, what they can do, how they present themselves, their philosophy.

—Jasper Morrison, at the Emeco booth at Salone.


Vintage and revival do what painkillers do in a crisis: They dim the pain.

—Andrea Anastasio, on the design genres, in a conversation at the Foscarini booth at Salone.

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